Fortnite Season 7 launches June 8, 2021. Yet what’s going come be had in los upcoming fight Pass? Below, we detail everything you have to know around the comienzo time of the new season, leaked information, y how Rick and Morty may contribute to the madness.

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When is los Fortnite Season 7 start time?

On Monday afternoon, the Fortnite status Twitter account announced that, as with the historia cinematic and Battle aprobar trailers, server downtime for Season 7 is intended to begin around dos a.m. East June 8.

It’s daunting to know exactly when Season 7 downtime will fin based ~ above the distinta needs the this particular Battle Pass, yet we expect many players will have the ability to squad increase by seis a.m. East on June 8 at los very latest.

What perform Fortnite Season siete teasers phone call us?

There have been three teasers because that Season 7, with each one displaying key elements of ns upcoming season. Here’s ns brief recap the what we understand so far.

Teaser 1: los first teaser features uno milk carton, an item that look at like uno Fishstick weapon charm, y some type of gravity gun. Milk can be un consumable, while ns latter item clues at futuristic weaponry make its means to fight Royale.


What carry out Season 7 leaks phone call us?

Given the Epic has been very open about los main theme y features the the next Battle Pass, leaks representar data-miners like ShiinaBR, iFireMonkey, FortTory, y HYPEX are un bit much more underwhelming than usual. But, over there are uno few tidbits we’ve to be able to glean.

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Crafting will remain: crafting was ns controversial change in Season 6, however indications room that it will come trasero in Season 7 even though Makeshift weapons will be getting axed. There will supposedly it is in a nuevo crafting material that makes the system more accessible 보다 it to be before.Llamas will be reworked: We’re not sure how, yet HYPEX says Llamas will certainly undergo un change when update 17.00 is live.Shakedown Cancel: ever get grounding in the Shakedown animation when a foe unexpectedly ideologies you? delaware the nuevo update, you’ll reportedly be able to cancel that dibujos animados to get el fin of los way.Loki: Loading display screens suggest Loki might make his debut in the siguiente Battle Pass. Ns hypothetical skin sounds choose something that would certainly be an excellent fodder for a bundle y corresponding tournament.

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Star Trek: While addressing ARG puzzles pertained to the próximo season, players uncovered los phrase “universal translation malfunction.” This is ns callback to estrella Trek Discovery, which means the iconic sci-fi serie could uncover its way into Season 7 at some point. Given ns alien Battle ocurrir theme, ns crossover with estrella Trek would certainly be much more than ns little fitting.