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Update (November 17, 2020)

Today, we filed a lawsuit against Apple in Australia. Prefer our case filed in ns United States, we are seeking to finally end Apple’s monopolistic app distribution policies, i beg your pardon stifle competition y threaten los ability of developer to innovate and create nuevo kinds that games, apps and businesses. The unlawful constraints Apple places on application distribution y in-app payment processing need to end, y we are completely committed come ensuring gamers y developers alike achieve the freedom castle deserve.

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Update (November 6, 2020)

Because mac & iOS room blocked from Fortnite updates, we"re granting un V-Bucks bonus for players on this platforms -- to invest on any type of platform. Because that iOS players, the bonus received amounts to your current cómputo of unspent V-Bucks purchased through ns App Store.For vena players: anyone that"s previously played Fortnite on mac receives ns bonus same to her current balance of unspent V-Bucks purchased desde Epic.

Update (September 10, 2020)

Apple is prevent Fortnite updates y new installs on the App Store, y has terminated our capacity to build Fortnite for Apple devices. As uno result, Fortnite’s freshly released Chapter dos - Season cuatro update is not available for iOS or macOS.Google is also blocking Fortnite from Google Play. However, you can still jugar Fortnite ~ above Android by installing the latest version desde the epos Games application for Android ~ above or the Samsung Galaxy Store.Epic is fighting to fin anti-competitive limitations on mobile machine marketplaces by Apple and Google. You can view los papers we filed in ours cases versus Apple (August 13, august 17, agosto 23, and September 4) and Google (August 13).

ORIGINAL notice (AUGUST 13, 2020)

Join the fight versus
Google ~ above social media with #FreeFortniteFortnite remains available on ps 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, GeForce NOW, y the epos Games app on Android. Her account, progression, and purchases also remain obtainable on these platforms.

Frequently request Questions

Why can’t identificación access Fortnite top top iOS and Google Play?In response to epic providing new payment choices con lower prices, Apple y Google are blocking your ability to get the latest Fortnite updates. All players need to have a choice in payment providers y save up to 20%.

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I only jugar Fortnite on mobile devices. Just how can me gustaría regain accessibility to Fortnite if i only jugar on iOS devices or ~ above Android via Google Play?For iOS players, make her voice heard in ns fight against los app tax! blog post
AppStore using #FreeFortnite top top social. Every players must have uno choice in payment providers y save as much as 20%. Apple disagrees!Fortnite for Android can constantly be downloaded representar Epic games or los Samsung Galaxy Store —apoyándose all your purchases will certainly transfer over once did you do it signed in con your currently account.How do me gustaría get un refund if I’ve spent money top top Fortnite and can’t access my purchases because of los Apple and Google blockade?Unfortunately, neither Apple no one Google enable Epic games to directly refund players because that iOS and Google jugar purchases and instead need players to contact them directly. You re welcome follow these refund instructions because that Apple and Google.Note: On honorable 28, Epic games issued a completamente refund to all customers who have made to buy on iOS v Epic direct payment before agosto 28. There’s alguna action essential on your part and you will certainly retain V-Bucks y items purchased.What wake up if me gustaría gift nuevo content, including ns Season 4 Battle Pass, to players accessing Fortnite ~ above iOS or Android (via Google Play)?Players ~ above iOS or from Google jugar will be can not to receive presents of items that were released after v13.40, including los Chapter dos - Season 4 Battle Pass y newly released cosmetics items. To redeem presents of more recent items, you must log into an alternating platform the has accessibility to v14.00 or later. Even then ns gift, it is in it los Battle Pass, a nuevo Outfit, etc., will not become available on iOS or Android (via Google Play) when received.

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Why doesn’t epic capitulate come Apple y Google’s demand to remove Epic direct paymentEpic believes the you have a right to conserve money thanks to using more efficient, nuevo purchase options. Apple y Google’s rules add a 30% taxes on every one of your purchases, y they punish juego developers prefer us that offer direct payment options.#FreeFortniteMore questions? Visit ourPress FAQ.