Fortnite Background

Fortnite is uno world of plenty of experiences. Drop onto ns Island y compete to be the final player — or team — standing. Hang el fin with girlfriend to captura a concert or a movie. Create a world of her own con your own rules. Or Save the World by taking abajo hordes the monsters with others.

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Fortnite juego Modes

There are 4 major game modes in Fortnite, together providing something for every sort of player. These four modes are: battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative, y Save los World.

Battle Royale

Available on consoles, PC, and mobile, Fortnite fight Royale is complimentary to download and play! hop off los Battle Bus to the isla below and battle it out to be the last one remaining.Or team up con friends or various other players to outlast various other teams. Use ns power that wood, brick, y metal to develop structures to help you out.

There’s constantly something to look front to in Fortnite fight Royale, including new items, weapons, vehicles, submodes, special events, y “Seasons.” Each nuevo Season brings a distinct theme to los Island, like ns past secreto agent takeover and giant flood.

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Party Royale

Party Royale is ns mode within Battle Royale. Rather of battling, Party Royale is one experimental and evolving room that focuses on alguno sweat, every chill fun. Attractions incorporate aerial problem courses, boat races, movies, and even live concerts representar top artists!Also, prefer all various other modes within Battle Royale, Party Royale is free.



Included free with Battle Royale, Fortnite creative puts girlfriend in fee of her own island — produce your own games and rules… and invite her friends! an imaginative gives you the tools to design games both simple and complex, so do what you desire to create. Y when you’re no creating, experience games made by her friends or others in the Fortnite community.Besides making y playing games, creative is also a great ar for just developing your very own scenery. Make your island how you want it to look y enjoy it with your friends!


Save los World

In Fortnite Save los World, explore a vast, destructible world as you and other players team approximately hold trasero hordes the monsters. In her fight against these monsters — known as Husks — end up being stronger by finding loot, do weapons, y expanding your repertoire of Heroes. Build ns base and fortify it with traps come keep the Husks at bay!Play Save los World with friends or others in ns Fortnite community. Girlfriend can access Save the World by purchasing un Save ns World Pack, which you can discover on ours website, within Fortnite, or on your console"s storefront. Save ns World is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Crossplay with Millions of players in the Fortnite Community

Millions of players around ns world jugar Fortnite, ensuring there are constantly players to join up with — whether you’re outlasting lock in fight Royale, trying fuera games con them in Creative, or taking down Husks with each other in Save the World.Fortnite attributes crossplay, meaning players throughout platforms can play together!

Which Platforms have the right to You play Fortnite On?

Currently, Fortnite fight Royale and the included Party Royale y Creative y are easily accessible to download ~ above PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and the epic Games app on Android via or ns Samsung Galaxy Store. Save ns World mode is currently easily accessible on PlayStation, Xbox, y PC.Fortnite ~ above iOS, Mac, y Google Playremains on variation 13.40 y is not easily accessible for new players to download on iOS. Save ns World is alguna longer playable top top Mac. If you"d choose to play nuevo Fortnite updates, you deserve to download los gameon any of the platforms provided above.

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Who Are the Players Who play Fortnite?

Making up un large community worldwide, Fortnite players expectations across un wide selection of regions, period groups, y many various other demographics. Ns Fortnite comunidad is uno diverse one!If you’re interested in play Fortnite with friends, whether they’re your neighbor or from across los globe, involvement up con them is easy. Check fuera our consejos for exactly how to juego Fortnite con friends.

What need to Parents Know around Fortnite?

There are ns range of padre controls to assist you control your family members member’s Fortnite experience, including options for communication, privacy, and playtime tracking. You can also collection up de los padres controls on your family members member’s gaming communication and/or for restrictions on in-game purchases. Learn an ext in our padres controls guide. You have the right to make a decision around whether Fortnite is suitable for your family by visiting Fortnite"s Epic gamings Store web page to check out ratings.Our goal is to keep ns Epic games ecosystem a fun and safe place, i m sorry is why we provide y enforce our community Rules and, for contents sharing, our contents Guidelines.Whether you choose to set padres controls or not, Fortnite is a great juego for parents y their family members to jugar together. With its grande device compatibility, varied game modes, and ability to attach people who are far apart, even those inexperienced con Fortnite deserve to have uno good time!


Jump In with Ease

Getting began in Fortnite is easy, but if she looking for added resources, has you covered. Our Fortnite FAQ, for example, contains a wide variety of details covering features, communication differences, in-game purchases, and more. Ns Fortnite help Center, in addition to providing ns link to call Player Support, is an additional useful source of information.For tips on safety and security, our Safety and Security page provides info to aid you — you guessed the — keep your suffer safe and your account secure. Ns lot of the is common sense, yet it never hurts to give it un read!These room just a few of ns resources accessible to friend to aid you have los best Fortnite experience possible. Us look forward to having you as component of ns Fortnite community!