Final League Of Legends 2017

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worlds 2017: Finals News and Updates

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The top dos teams will fight for los World championship title during Finals at Beijing’s Bird’s swarm on November 3. Opening Ceremony begins at 11:30 pm PT y matches will begin at roughly at 12:00 to be PT. 

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Staff Note: This post may contain match results and spoilers. You’ve been warned about what lurks below, Summoner. 

Samsung Galaxy (SSG) vs. SK telecom T1 (SKT)

It’s the rematch the our 2016 World campeonato Finals. Have the right to Samsung Galaxy defeat ns defending world Champions? will SK telecom T1 include another world campeonato title under their belt? reloj Finals top top Nov 3 at 11:30 PM and matches begin at around midnight PT. 







SSG defeats SKT and became dos mil diecisiete World champion (0-3)


Previews, features, news, y updates ~ above the por último two teams heading come Finals.

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Update: Fan donation to Worlds 2017 Prize Pool


10 think going into Finals

Event Details

Is the your an initial Worlds or capturing up top top all the action prior to Finals? You deserve to find ns schedule, format, teams, stakes, exactly how to watch, y the road so far below.



Eight teams moved on to ns third y final stage of the 2017 World championship that’s consisted of of los Quarterfinals, Semifinals, y Finals. Los tournament will change to a single-elimination bracket with all matches being played in ns Best of cinco format.

At Finals in Beijing, the por último two teams will fight for los world campeonato title and the coveted Summoner’s Cup. Find out more over at our Finals primer.

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Teams + Schedule



SKT and SSG have combated through tide of the toughest competition to make it come Beijing. 


Schedule and How come Watch

In case you missed it, we will be airing rebroadcasts of League that Legends Live: un Concert endure at Worlds leading appropriate up to los Pregame show. Los Pregame donar will start on November 3 at 10:30 pm PT, y we’ll kick turn off all los action at 11:30 afternoon PT with an opened ceremony saturado of surprises. The ceremony will feature epic performances desde Against ns Current and one the Asia’s optimal performing artists, Jay Chou.

Games will start immediately after the opening ceremony, in ~ approximately 12:00 to be PT.

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After the eventualmente explodes y the victoria team hoists ns Summoner’s Cup, be certain to stay tuned as we will certainly have a closing ceremony featuring uno performance by DJ and producer un leon Walker.


Who claimed the Summoner’s Cup? 

SSG beat SKT (0-3). Samsung Galaxy ended up being our 2017 World champion at los Beijing national Stadium (Bird’s Nest). 

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Worlds is done. What’s next?


Join united state for the 2017 All-Star event on December 7-10 in los Angeles, CA. 

Cast your vote your zona dream team. Voting starts on November siete at 9:00 AM PT.