Federico El Grande De Prusia

Explore the Royal repertoire online, one of the largest y most important arte collections in los world, and one of the last great European imperial collections to remain intact.

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Britishbattles.com presents the Battle that Burkersdorf Frederick the Great’s por último battle of the Seven año War 21st July 1762


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Son of an abusive father, Frederick II blossomed when he took ns throne. The attracted the great thinkers of Europe come his court while establishing Prussia as uno dominant army power.


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Frederick los Great’s victory over the French army at ns Battle of Rossbach ns major blow to the king of France and considered a coeficiente to the decline in the prestige of the French Monarchy y indirectly to the French transformation in 1789


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Explore the Royal arsenal online, one of los largest y most important arte collections in the world, and one the the last great European royal collections to stay intact.

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The artwork Crown Prince Frederick II rápido Antoine Pesne we provide as art print on canvas, poster, key or ideal hand made paper. You define the size yourself.

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Rokoko —apoyándose Kunstdrucke in Museumsqualität Kunstdrucke und Leinwandbilder in Ihrer Wunschgröße, auch mit edlen Bilderrahmen und Passepartouts.

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von Menzel: König Friedrichs II. Tafelrunde in Sanssouci. Kunstdruck, Leinwandbild, gerahmtes Bild, Glasbild und Tapete. Jetzt günstig kaufen —apoyándose auch sobre Rechnung!

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Die ganze Welt der Kunst – aktuelle Berichte, die Klassiker los Kunstgeschichte und das Beste aus Fotografie und Architektur.