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Julie rose Clapton is an american Celebrity kid. Julie rosa Clapton is the celebrity daughter of famed English piedra guitarist, singer, and songwriter Eric Clapton and american socialite and philanthropist Melia McEnery.

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Table that Biography

Early Life

Julie rose Clapton to be born ~ above 13th June 2001 and is right now 19 año old. She zodiac sign is Gemini. Likewise, Julie to be born in Columbus, Ohio, United states of America, y holds americano citizenship. Similarly, talking about her ethnicity and religion, Julie belongs to un Caucasian country group y follows Christianity.

Moving on come her household background, Julie is the daughter of English rock guitarist Eric Clapton and americano philanthropist, Melia McEnery. She father Eric Clapton is the backbone of the rock música development in los United Kingdom back in los 1980’ y 1990s.


Caption: Julie rose with her family posing for uno picture. Source: Facebook

Likewise, about her family, Julie is the granddaughter the Patricia Molly Clapton y Edward Walter Fryer. Similarly, she has two sisters whose nombre are ellas May Clapton and Sophie belle Clapton. Lock both space younger 보다 her as ella May Clapton was born top top 14th January dos mil tres and Sophie belleza Clapton to be born in ns year 2005. Likewise, she additionally has dos step-siblings whose nombre are Conor Clapton y Ruth Clapton.

They both to be born from her dad’s vault marital affair con Pattie Boyd. However, Conor, unfortunately, passed away in ns year mil novecientos noventa y uno after falling fuera de of ns 53rd floor of a manhattan apartment. Furthermore, talking about her educational background, Julie is ns high college graduate. However, over there is cuales information about los educational school she graduated from.

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Caption: Julie rosa with her sisters. Source: Facebook

Rose to Fame

Julie is ancha as los celebrity son of renowned English piedra star Eric Clapton who is popular for his rock and blues guitarist and singer/songwriter. Likewise, their parents met during uno party in the year 1998 where Eric to be performing and Melia was an bureaucratic assistant.

Moreover, at that time, Eric to be 53 years old and Melia was only 22 la edad old. Delaware the party, they made decision to day for un while and their partnership went publicly in the year mil novecientos noventa y nueve and tied ns knot delaware almost three years the dating. They tied los knot at St. Mary Magdalene church ~ above 1st January 2002.

Net worth

Julie has not taken uno career path yet and is still a student. However, together she to be born to un famous pop singer and american philanthropist, she has actually been living uno luxurious life since birth. Likewise, she father Eric Clapton who is a british rock musician has uno net worth of about $450 million.

Relationship Status

Regarding her partnership status, Julie is straight y single in ~ present. Similarly, she is individual at the present y is focusing more on her studies and career. Moreover, she has additionally not talked anything around her previous dating history as well.

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Body Measurement y Social Media

Reflecting upon she social media presence, Julie is not energetic on any kind of social media platforms. She prefers to it is in away desde social media fame and live she life in private without lot involvement in media. Likewise, us cannot uncover her in any kind of social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.