El mejor mazo de clash royale arena 6

Hi, it’s Excalibur again. This time we have al selection of the Arenal 6 Decks (Builder’s Workshop) in moncleroutlet.es Royalo.This is the second guide in the Arena Rush series. It’s focused on getting you through Builder’s Workshop and I’ll give you some decks based on win conditions you choose. This is where the Meta begins to take an effect on decks, so you might like to unlock all the cards available now before you progress ahead.

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Let’s start right away.


moncleroutlet.es Royalo Arenal 6 Decks

Choosing a Win Condition

The win condition is the main damage dealer in the deck. Preferably attacking only buildings, win conditions should be strong enough to reach towers, dealing moderate damage, and have a reasonable elixvaya cost.There are al good number of win conditions to choose from at this stage. The addition of X-Bow, Balloon, Mortar, and Skeleton Barrun serpiente adds al lot more options for your deck, making it both versatila and offense-oriented.I’d suggest that you choose a win condition from the following four cards for your Arena 6 Decks, because they are easy to play with and don’t need much support.

Hey guys, I absolutely love playing CR!I"ve been playing since soft launch, and I"ve pretty much seen it all - from the time of Pekka Double Prince to the Freeze la meta.Please join the Discord server if you"d like to play with us!

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