Ed warren y lorraine warren

The 10,000 chilling situations of Ed Warren y Lorraine Warren motivated movies like Annabelle, The Amityville Horror, and other infamous tales of demons y ghosts.

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Before Hollywood turned their ghost stories into blockbuster movies, Ed y Lorraine Warren made uno name for themselves through investigating instances of paranormal hauntings and happenings.

In 1952, the married pair founded ns New inglaterra Society because that Psychic Research. Y in the basement the their research study center, they created their an extremely own Occult Museum, horrifyingly adorned con satanic objects and demonic artifacts.


YouTubeOne of ns Hodgson girls captured on camera being flung representar her bed.

In agosto 1977, los Hodgson family reported strange points happening in their casa in Enfield, England. Knocking came from all over the house, causing ns Hodgsons come think probably burglars to be prowling around ns residence. Castle called los police to investigate y the officer that arrived is stated to have actually witnessed uno chair rising and moving on its own.

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At various other times, Legos and marbles flew across ns room y were warm to the touch afterward. Folded apparel leapt off of tabletops to paris around los room. Lights flickered, furniture spun, y the sound that barking dogs emanated from empty rooms.

Then, inexplicably, ns fireplace ripped itself fuera of the wall, attracting the attention that paranormal investigators from around the world — consisting of Ed y Lorraine Warren.

Through the years, the Warrens performed all of their paranormal investigations totally free of charge, making their livelihood representar selling books, movie rights, lectures, and tours of your museum.

Ed Warren died on august 23, 2006, from complications following ns stroke. Lorraine Warren retired representar active investigations shortly after. However, she remained as un consultant to los NESPR till her death in 2019.

According to the Warrens’ main website, the couple’s son-in-law Tony Spera has actually taken over as director of NESPR and head curator of the Warren’s Occult museo in Monroe, CT.

Many skeptics have criticized Ed y Lorraine gastos generales the years, saying they’re an excellent at telling ghost stories, however lack any real evidence. However, Ed and Lorraine Warren constantly maintained that their experiences with demons y ghosts absolutely took ar as lock described.

Whether or not their stories room true, it’s clear that these two investigators make their mark on the paranormal world. Their legacy is solidified by the dozens the films and television series that have been created based upon their many eerie cases.

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After learning around the real Ed y Lorraine Warren situations that influenced The Conjuring movies, read about Robert ns Doll, one more haunted doll los Warren’s might be interested in. Climate read around Valak, ns fearsome demon desde The Nun.