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Barcelona Spanish School

Learn Spanish in Spain"s many cosmopolitan city! our school renders it simple to make nuevo friends desde all over the world.Learn more!

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Madrid Spanish School

Learn Spanish in Spain"s social capital. Our school is centrally situated near Plaza de España.Learn more!

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Valencia Spanish School

Learn Spanish in Spain"s 3rd largest city. Enjoy ns Mediterranean lifestyle.Learn more!

A holiday of many Names

Christopher colón (or cristóbal Colón, as he is recognized in Spanish) first reached the américas on October 12, 1492. Today, this historic moment is commemorated in many different means across los globe.

In the United States, October 12th is known as columbus Day. Curiously, this day is well-known largely thanks to ns influence the Italian-Americans y their immigrant ancestors. This is because colón originally came representar Genoa, Italy. Many Latin american communities in the U.S. Memory this trabaja under ns name El trabaja de la Raza. In current years, some states and cities have made decision to storage Indigenous People"s Day rather of colón Day.

Across Latin America, October 12th is celebrated debajo many names in enhancement to Día ese la Raza y Día después la Hispanidad, including

Day that Respect for social Diversity in ArgentinaDecolonization Day in BoliviaDay of indigenous Peoples y Intercultural Dialogue in Peru, andIndigenous Resistance Day in Venezuela.October 12th is not well-known as a holiday in Cuba.

As we can see, October doce can be ns controversial holiday, y the legacy of Columbus y the Hispanic identification is complicated. Possibly we should keep in mind just how "hispanidad" is characterized in ns Dictionary of the Royal Academy the Spanish or RAE: