Razor-tongued U.S.-born/Puerto Rico-raised MC who has released uno host of successful reggaeton singles y albums.

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One of los most prolific artists in reggaeton and Latin trap, Nicky Jam is ns charting, award-winning singer y songwriter who has collaborated with a largo list of performers, including superstars such together Daddy Yankee, Farruko, J Balvin, and dozens of rather in addition to his solo material; los latter has the generalizado albums vida Escante (2004) and The black Carpet (2007) and its accompanying self-released the Black Mixtape (2009). His soltero "Hasta ns Amanecer," authorize in early on 2016, contained ns singer"s trademark catchy, romantic, melodic hooks, and its música video has been viewed over a billion times. His hit 2017 album, Fénix, to be nominated for ns Latin Grammy Award because that Album of ns Year, while 2019"s Íntimo walk platinum in numero 3 countries.

Born Nick Rivera Caminero on march 17, mil novecientos ochenta y uno in Boston, Massachusetts, Jam moved with his family members to barrio Obrero, Puerto rico at age ten. His dad is Puerto Rican y his mom is Dominican. Like numerous of his generation, Jam initially acquired into the reggaeton scene during ns "90s y made uno name for self on los mixtape circuit. Most notably, he can be heard on part of the seminal mixtapes helmed through DJ Playero around ns turn of los century. Early solo albums such as hacer Escante (2001), featuring fellow DJ Playero protégé dad Yankee on ns title track, developed him as a rising star in the reggaeton scene, yet it wasn"t until vida Escante (2004) that he broke through to ns mainstream audience, specifically once los album was re-released con bonus cosas in 2005. His follow-up album, the Black Carpet (2007), proved likewise popular, spawning one of his greatest hits, "Gas Pela," special RKM.

in spite of Jam"s success, that felt he can do more, and decided to relocate to colombia in 2010. It verified to it is in just ns career rejuvenation he needed, result in un parade of underground hits consisting of "Tu primero Vez," "Curiosidad," and "Voy a Beber." By 2014 he to be charting repeatedly again, first with the solamente "Travesuras" and then in early dos mil quince with "Si Tu alguna Estas." Both songs appeared on best Hits, Vol. 1. In ns spring that 2015, his duet with Enrique iglesia on "El Perdon" ended up being his first soltero to hit number one on los Latin charts, y crossed over to the pop charts. After winning accolades in ~ the 2015 Latin americano Music Awards and Latin Grammy Awards, and also the dos mil dieciséis Lo Nuestro Awards, Jam functioned on his first estudio album due to the fact that 2007. That effort, the multi-platinum Fénix, landed on Sony music in 2017.

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Special appearances by Sean Paul, J Balvin, Wisin, dad Yankee, Arcangel, Enrique Iglesias, and more, the album hit the Top 30 of ns Billboard doscientos and topped los Latin Albums chart, Jam"s very first appearance on los chart.

The solamente "X," featuring J Balvin, showed up in 2018, with uno Maluma- and Ozuna-featuring remix adhering to soon after. Jam continued to release stand-alone tracks throughout the year, consisting of "Satisfaccion" con Bad Bunny and Arcangel, "Good Vibes" con Fuego, y "Jaleo" con Steve Aoki. In ~ the end of the year he issued the charting "Te Robaré" (feat. Ozuna). He also appeared as a featured collaborator on miscellaneous singles and album tracks consisting of Ozuna"s "Haciéndolo," Ginza"s remix the J Balvin"s "Bruuttal," y Loud Luxury"s "Body top top My," con Brando y Pitbull.

no 2019 held no respite for Jam as he collaborated on a slew that tracks consisting of Shaggy"s "Body Good," Alejandro Sanz"s "Back in the City," y the remix of Karol G"s "Mi Cama." He likewise issued a handful the digital singles across los Caribbean and Latin américa including "Mona Lisa" (feat. Nacho), "Atrévete" (feat. Sech), y "El Favor" (with Dimelo Flow y Farruko, special Sech, Zion, y Lunay). He also spent time filming the movie poor Boys because that Life, starring will certainly Smith y Martin Lawrence, y touring to generate interest for his upcoming sixth estudio album Intimo. In late October, un week before ns set"s release, the dropped a documentary trailer title Behind Nicky Jam’s Intimo. It provided viewers an inside look in ~ his battle con drugs, nearly losing his career, and his journey toward sobriety. Intimo was released in November dos mil diecinueve and entered los Latin Albums chart at number three. Ns single, "Muévelo," special Jam y Daddy Yankee, come in January 2020 as part of the Bad guys for Life soundtrack and topped ns Billboard Latin Airplay chart.

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Later on that year he released the platinum-selling single "Polvo" (featuring Myke Towers), con "Fan después Tus Fotos" (featuring Romeo Santos) arriving in 2021.