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We have just received confirmation from Days Gone director James Ross that ns Days Gone 2 was indeed pitched to Sony, consisting of plans for un shared universe y co-op juego that never involved fruition.

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the reveal came from a live stream with God that War creator David Jaffe, whereby Ross spoke on topics the happened adhering to his departure from Bend Studios and Bloomberg’s report last week around an unsuccessful Days Gone sequel pitched through Bend. Ross, who has actually now join Mortal Kombat creators NetherRealm, admits come Jaffe the he was functioning on un Days Gone 2 pitch y that his departure desde Bend “had nothing to execute with los status of los sequel” y was early to emplea reasons. He could not check details because of an NDA he signed his former employee; however, that heavily says that sales from the original juego may not have actually been enough to strike up ns sequel in Sony’s eyes.

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once asked by Jaffe what Sony’s reasoning could have been because that canning los sequel, Ross says:

“I don’t think it’s publicly evidenced what los status that is. Identificación don’t want to it is in the chico who’s los official source for whatever that is... Days Gone has actually sold an ext copies 보다 every juego the studio has ever made combined. So it’s effective in that way, and in los community y player response. But the critics… yeah, the was Normandy Beach.”

Ross later started discussing his plan for the sequel, which would certainly have had “a common universe con co-op play,” something fanes desperately desired in los original game. The directivo said:

“We wanted co-op from the start , yet obviously you have to make concessions for what you’re not going to be able to do... But then take it this mundo that did you do it built, and all these assets y systems, y repurpose them because that some kind of an in similar way themed multiplayer variation of this universe. So would be con guys like Deacon trying to survive, building up ns clubhouse or un crew. Identificación think it would be funny to be in that world cooperatively and see what horde battles might be like.”

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as soon as asked whether these functions would have been consisted of in the sequel, he says, “It’s one of ns things that we had actually in our pitch, yeah. It to be the opinión of a shared universe con co-op play.” Bloomberg mentions in ns report that ns cancellation was ns part that Sony’s agenda to focus on larger, blockbuster games, which has come at los expense of “niche” teams in that is first-party organization. Ross denied proposal that bend was being used as a support studio for mischievous Dog and that un sequel to be “never ns reality,” adding:

“Sony’s acquired to correr a responsible business. So it’s ok for them to do decisions based on ns anticipated regreso of investment, since that’s the money they require to money the próximo game... For Sony, every fue ~ is about survival. They’ve never been cash-rich, so they’ve gained to be smart. I think fanes should know that prior to they yes, really go off.”

Ross finishes by sending un bit of praise in the direction of Sony, saying:


“We always assume that locations like EA y Activision room letting spreadsheets drive ns decisions and that’s never been ns case at Sony in mine experience,” he said. “We’re every smart and we understand that we have actually to produce something commercial, but they’re not jamming that down our throat... Gamings are expensive, movies are expensive… in order to do more, los initial ones must make money. Identificación do think that the more girlfriend overthink something, ns more you destined to death it and that’s why me gustaría like the loose style at Sony.”


Although fans will sadly never ever receive a Days Gone 2 or the potential co-op and shared universe, they deserve to rest assured that ns game"s director had huge plans for them.