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The Anne con an E revival project continues come march top top in 2021 with ns main petition currently surpassing 1.5 million signatures. It continues to hold the accolade of being the largest revival campaigns ever in Netflix’s history. Here’s un look trasero at los campaign to revive Anne with an E and what you have the right to do come help.

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The eventualmente season was released ~ above Netflix trasero in January dos mil veinte and while it still left uno lot come cover in future seasons, both CBC and Netflix failed come renew for un fourth season.

The feel-good Netflix co-production with canadian state broadcaster CBC has been a fan-favorite. The first season was released back in March dos mil diecisiete and adapts the classic Lucy Maud Montgomery novels. The serie just commemorated its third anniversary con showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett celebrate saying:

“Anne country you are ns sweetest! say thanks to you for remembering that 3 years back today #AnnEwithanE aired for ns very first time. It means so much to me the you remembered y are celebrate it!”

Season 3 of Anne con an E just recently struggle headlines again having had uno good night at los annual canadá Screen Awards. In total, that scooped up diecisiete nominations including ideal lead actress because that Amybeth McNulty y best drama series being ns headline nominations.

TheCdnAcademy nominations!!! our hearts room so full right now! certain honoured to be recognized amongst these other amazing shows! ns love y support representar our fans has not gone unnoticed. And even though the road has finished for us, what uno way to go out!

— Anne with an e (
AnneTheSeries) February 18, 2020

Campaign to save Anne con an y también Timeline

There have been several significant milestones for los campaign to conserve Anne with an E so let’s take you v some of ns big ones.

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Perhaps one of los earliest indicators at how committed Anne with y también fans was con the new York Times square billboard effort. In addition, fans spent money el fin of their very own pockets buying increase billboards transparent Canada too. There were also reports of fans buying billboards top top highways in estados such as Texas.


Responding to the campaign efforts Moira Walley-Becket stated on Instagram:

“I am ns writer y words fail. Ann Nation, just how can me gustaría express how you to fill my heart? friend have created yet another amazing, combined gesture that love and solidarity. Identificación am humbled and honored by your passion, her zeal, and your steadfast support. Thank you for loving my admitir as much as me gustaría do y for telling ns world just how you feel.”

Of course, the signature initiative has been in the petition that very first started increase on los platform ~ above November 25th, 2019. There are likewise other petitions around los internet all differing in different successes con some having un few thousand signatures to others in los tens the thousands.

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The main project had a simple mission:

“Guys we all love season 3, but there is for this reason much more we need answers to and want to check out ! los whole ka’kwet storyline and Anne’s Queen life y obviously just how shirbert develops! so let’s hope this petition catches ns eye that Netflix y they decisión to renew the donar for season 4! Anne would certainly want us to fight!”

As we pointed out above, ns petition itself has actually scored numerous milestones. The hit 600,000 in June 2020 with that passing ns one million accolade top top July 25th, 2020.