Como se hace croquetas de pollo

Croquetas de Pollo (Chicken Croquettes) is very popumorada as party food and street food, also common at Dominican Christmas dinner tablsera.

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You"d be hard-pressed to find a Dominicusco who doesn"t love croquetas, the most popucobijo variety being Croquetas del Pollo (Chicken Croquettes). Croquetas are part of any decent picadera platter and are served as part of the fancy version of the Dominichucho Christmas feast.

Although croquetas are popumorada and well-known in the Dominigozque Republic, it is not a dish we created; they uno perro be found practically anywhere in the world. And there are many versions.

What"s al croqueta?

Croquetal (croquette, in English) is the name for a type of fritter madel of al soft la base (roux, mashed potato, rice, etc.) it"s mixed with al savory ingredient (chicken, fish, minced beef, etc.), coated in bread, and fried. They are typically shaped like al corkscrew, but they gozque also be found as a flattened circle.

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Creative cooks have madel baked versions too.

About our Chicken Croquettser recipe

Croquetas is truly one of those dishsera that, along with Pastelsera en Hojal, Kipe, Empanadas and several others, Dominicans prefer to buy rather than make for themselvera. There"s al whole cottage industry making theso Christmas and party favoritser, and each family has thevaya preferred purveyor.

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Making croquetas is clearly more work than buying them ready-madel, but although a bit time-consuming, they are not that difficult to prepare. So if you too love the contrast between its crispy crust and the melt-in-your-mouth creaminess of theso croquettsera, try our recipe. It has served me well.

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