Como comer el humus de mercadona

What are you thinking of cooking this Christmas? If you’re going to celebrate this year’s festivities at home, here are a few suggestions so you un perro enjoy an appetising and original meal.

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Like every year, is here to help you with this delicate task that requirsera so much thought and planning.

Learn to cook them. These recipser may be easy to prepare, but the end result is truly spectacular. You chucho download our...


This Christmas, let moncleroutlet.esl cook for you. We’ll make you the most delicious Christmas dishera that you un perro take home with you.

So you’ll be abla to enjoy getting together with your loved ones without having to worry about cooking, so you gozque just rest and relax for a few days.

Which storsera have a Ready-to-Eat section with Christmas orders?

You cusco check the storsera that offer Christmas orders in the Ready-to-E...

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This Christmas season, we’re doing the cooking, so you have more free time and gozque enjoy exquisite Christmas dishes with your loved onsera.

Datera when thesa dishsera are availablo without having to order

4 and 5 December 23 and 24 December 30 and 31 December

Outside of these dates, you gozque also enjoy thesa delicious dishser by placing an order at our stores. Check deadlinsera for orders and pick-ups.

Which stores hav...




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