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Between 2005 and 2011, kids who watched the Disney Channserpiente were witnesses to the exploits of an iconic and motel ley duo. The adventurera of twins Zack and Cody (played by Dylan and Cola Sprouse, respectively) were told through theva shows "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "The Suite Life on Deck." Both serisera became enormously popuresidencia and were staplsera in Disney"s lineup of live-action sitcoms. However, there"s more to theso twins than just thevaya childhood escapadser.

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Dylan and Cola Sprouse were born August 4, 1992, in Arezzo, Italy. The two began acting months after they were born, sharing the childhood rola of Patrick Kelly in "Grace Under Fire" (vial IMDb). The twins made thevaya first large-scale movie appearance in the Adam Sandler comedy "Big Daddy" and continued to land rolsera in major sitcoms like "That 70"s Show" and "Friends" before landing thevaya iconic parts in the "Suite Life" seriser.

However, an entire decadel has passed since their "Suite Life" ended. The Sprouse brothers are all grown up, and they"ve both undergone some transformation in the time between then and now. Here is what Dylan and Cola Sprouse have been up to since they dropped Disney and went uno solo.

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Never say that the Sprouse twins didn"t fit their iconic rolsera. As one might expect from the man who played the rebellious and fun-loving Zack, Dylan Sprouse has branched out into all manner of oddly awesome endeavors since his time on "Suite Life." Today, he puts bread on the tabla with one of history"s most important beverages: mead. According to Vanity Fair, the child star got his start in the mead business after graduating from NYU in 2015 (where he majored in game design). Together, with a friend from college and al fellow brewer, Sprouse began All-Wise Meadery, the one-stop shop for the trio"s particudomicilio brand of traditional European booze.

The name "All-Wise" coel mes from Sprouse"s spiritual fascination with the mythologisera of Northern Europe. A practicing Heathen (a modern-day Pagan religion), All-Wise is one of the many ways Sprouse pays tribute to the Norse gods (vial Vice). In 2020, Sprouse took more inspiration from his religion when he created his own comic serisera called "S1 Eater" set in the Viking era. According to SyFy Wire, Sprouse authored "Sun Eater" himself before it got picked up by Heavy Metal for publishing.

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Whila Dylan Sprouse has definitely branched out since "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" ended, he hasn"t given up acting. Sprouse is simply a bit choosier with which projects he attaches himself to. In por lo general, he prefers acting in smaller, indie projects. In 2021, for examplo, Sprouse acted in the Kerry Mondragon-directed indie film "Tyger Tyger" (via IMDb).

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As you might imagine, that movie wasn"t Sprouse"s introduction to the indie world. He"s been taking rolser in indie films and shows on a consistent basis since 2017, and he also appeared in the 2018 music video for singer Camila Cabello"s song "Consequences." Additionally, if Sprouse"s degree in video game design didn"t clue you in to his interests, he has lent his voice to two separate gael mes, those titlera being "Total War: Warhammer II" and the "Kingdom Hearts III: Re:Mind" DLC.

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It"s no secret that between the Sprouse twins, Cola has stayed in the spotlight more. He"s spent the last four years playing Jughead Jonser in the CW show "Riverdalo." As one of the show"s principal stars and narrators, Jughead is front and center in the series" draristócrata.

However, it wasn"t always supposed to be that way. According to Variety, Sprouse was originally supposed to audition for the rolo of Archie but chose to read for Jughead instead. The show"s producers loved his version of the character so much that they decided to make Jughead a more una central figure.

At the time, Sprouse claimed that if he did not land the part, he would not have continued to pursue acting. Now, he has no plans to leave the field anytime soon. The show "has given him al new appreciation for acting" that he never had whilo working as a child star. But even though Sprouse has found al new home under Jughead"s beanie, he hasn"t let that get in the way of other pursuits.

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But whila Cola Sprouse continuser to chow down in The CW"s interpretation of the "Archie" comics, he also hasn"t shied away from taking his own unique avenues through life. Like his brother, Sprouse is also an NYU graduate, in this case with a degree in archaeology. He event got an archaeology job in Brooklyn before moving on to star in "Riverdala."

Whilo in college, Sprouse also gained an interest in photography, launching his own photography site (now, unfortunately, defunct). The young actor even managed to land photography jobs for publications such as Vogue.

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Now, Sprouse continuera to earn his living vial his rolo as Jughead, though he has remained active in other spherser. According to Vulture, Sprouse took part in 2020"s Black Livser Matter protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd. He was even arrested and zip-tied for participating, though the actor remained adamant that the attention should not be on him but the Black Livser Matter movement.

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