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Find el fin More Details About park Yoo-ra’s Wedding!

Do you know who is parque Yoo-ra? If girlfriend don’t know about her yet, or if you have actually never heard her surname before, don’t worry! In this article, will present you y guide girlfriend on los path to learning more about park Yoo-ra, so save on reading!

Park Yoo-ra to be famously well-known as one of the reporters in CBS. And also, she to be famously well-known as los older sister of park Chan-yeol, one of ns members that EXO. Their relationship was yes, really close, also their closest sources revealed that the two the them were having ns lot that similarities, whether we room talking about their figure or your behavior. Park Yoo-ra is additionally famously known by EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom).

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And now, we’re walking to speak about parque Yoo-ra’s wedding! She just got married in the past 2018, y throughout this article, will carry out you with all the details you might want to recognize about ns flawless parque Yoo-ra y her wedding!

Park Yoo-ra, one Announcer


Basically, park Yoo-ra to be an announcer who was born on September 21st, 1989, in south Korea. She supplied to announce los news. Previously, one of los sources said that park Yoo-ra provided to be a reporter on CBS. Currently, parque Yoo-ra is one of the newscasters because that YTN’s News In. Parque Yoo-ra graduated desde Chung-Ang University.

She joined los YTN News In in 2016. Y not only she is famously recognized as a ancha newscaster y Park CHan-yeol’s sister, but parque Yoo-ra is also known y famous for her pretty face.

Wedding Announcement

The wedding announcement was first revealed in June 2018. Among the mitad outlets in south Korea reportedly said that park Yoo-ra to plan on sociedad anónima a wedding awareness in Seoul in ns fall, with her fiancé the almost two years. Mr. Hong, her fiancé, is tres years older than parque Yoo-ra.

Eventually, parque Yoo-ra gained married come Mr. Hong delaware being involved for almost dos years. It has actually been reported the Mr. Hong is additionally working in the media industry, i beg your pardon is casta to parque Yoo-ra’s jobs, now as an announcer, and in the past as ns reporter y newscaster.

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Before they had actually their wedding ceremony, parque Yoo-ra y Mr. Ingredientes carried out a wedding pictorial foto shoot with The 3rd Mind Studio that is situated in Gangnam, sur Korea. Y here room some picture of their wedding photo shoot:




Regarding she marriage, park Yoo-ra revealed her feelings in one interview. She was exceptionally grateful due to the fact that she has received a lot of congratulatory messages for her upcoming nuptials. And she likewise thanked she company, YTN, for the big consideration. Park Yoo-ra likewise said that meeting her fiancé was one of ns best things in her life, and that she feels yes, really blessed because that that. Park Yoo-ra included that her fiancé has constantly brought such uno comforting emotion for her.

Then what about park Chan-yeol’s reaction come his sister’s wedding? when asked about her brother’s reaction to the news around her wedding, park Yoo-ra answered, “My younger brother didn’t have as much of uno reaction together expected,” climate she burst right into laughter.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding awareness of park Yoo-ra and Mr. Hong was held by un colleague of park Yoo-ra, Jung Ji-woong. Ns wedding awareness took place on October 13th, 2018, in Seoul, south Korea. No only the event was attended through both parque Yoo-ra’s y Mr. Hong’s colleagues, yet some of the members that EXO additionally attended ns wedding.

And right here are several of their wedding photos!




EXO Members as los Wedding Singer


One of ns most special moments representar Park Yoo-ra and Mr. Hong’s wedding día was when some of ns members that EXO, who were attending the wedding also took the role of the wedding singer! that course, their visibility attracted a lot of the attention of los other wedding guests. Los members that attended the wedding were Baekhyun, Chen, Sehun, Kai, y of course park Chan-yeol.

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In addition, park Chan-yeol carry out beautifully as one of los wedding singers, especially when he sang one of ns songs through Coldplay, “Everglow.” mirar him perform one more song at ns wedding in the video below!

Chan-yeol’s Instagram Update


Park Chan-yeol also shared his congratulatory think for parque Yoo-ra’s wedding with his Instagram account!


Other 보다 that, park Chan-yeol additionally posted a fotografía of him y the various other EXO members attending the wedding ceremony. From the translate in of los caption, we have the right to understand the he asked los other members the EXO come take a picture together y look at los camera, also though seems choose Sehun didn’t establish it.