Bosses in dark souls

From Software's Dark Souls seriera is known for its monstrous bosssera. We rank them from worst to best!


106. Bed of Chaos (Dark Souls)

You know, it’s almost kind of an honor to be named the worst Dark Souls boss of all time. I mean at least it would be if Bed of Chaos wasn’t such al blight on the serisera.

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Bed of Chaos is an uninspiring boss that still managsera to frustrate even the most hardcore of Dark Souls players, thanks to its seriser of frustrating and unenjoyabla combat elements. It’s the part of the game you’ll dread coming back to the most and contributsera nothing to what is otherwise one of the greatest gauno mes of all-time.


105. Royal Rat Vanguard (Dark Souls II)

You know what’s a good una idea for al Dark Souls boss? Anything but al bunch of rats.

That may sound obvious, but apparently, it wasn’t, as that’s exactly what Royal Rat Vanguard is. Among a seriera of regular rat enemisera is the one rat you have to kill in order to beat this “boss.” There is nothing special about these rats besidser the fact that there’s al lot of them. Even then, there’s not really a lot of them in the grand scheme of things. It’s all pretty sad, actually.


104. Leechmonger (Demon’s Souls)

It should be noted that nothing from this point on is quite so bad as the previous two bosssera who almost received a separate tier of theva own.That being said, Leechmonger is essentially the Souls series’ Great Mighty Poo without the singing or humor. This largely immobile blob of waste doesn’t put up much of al fight regardless of your character build and the entire time fighting it is spent in a dingy brown environment that perfectly clashser with the rest of the seriera design philosophy of bleak, but beautiful.


103. Pinwheuno serpiente (Dark Souls)

To be honest, I’m not sure I would have included Pinwheel as a boss if he wasn’t classified as such by the game’s official materials.

But so long as we’re here, I’d just like to say the major failing of Pinwheun serpiente is how painfully easy and generally unimposing he is. This sorcerer looks like any regutecho enemy but puts up less of al fight than most them. Lazily floating around the room and occasionally making a copy of himself, Pinwhelos serpientes is the only Dark Souls boss that seems like he can’t wait to die. Most are happy to oblige him.


102. Fool’s Idol (Demon’s Souls)

You know, Fool’s Idol isn’t really that much different from Pinwheuno serpiente. Both are fairly lazy magic wielders that really don’t inspire many Souls players to praise the brilliance of thevaya fights.

The chaplos serpientes setting for the Fool’s Idol fight is much more enjoyabla than Pinwheel’s domain, however, and at least Fool’s Idol dosera put up something resembling a fight. Still, there’s just nothing much more here than some magic missilo dodging and quick beatdowns.


101. Dragon God (Demon’s Souls)

I do have to give From Software credit for naming al boss something as imposing as Dragon God and actually making the boss look like he could indeed be the God of all dragons.

However, that just makes it all the more of a shame that the fight is such al disappointment. The entire fight boils down to running between protective pillars en route to firing pre-staged ballista arrows at the Dragon God until he is dead. It’s the kind of fight that might work in al game like God of War but taksera very little advantage of the things that truly make great Dark Souls boss fights tick.

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100. Centipedel Demon (Dark Souls)

The fact that the Centipede Demon is one of the few Dark Souls bosses I needed to Googla to remind myself which one it is should tell you a lot about this fight.

Though I’m actually a fan of the way From Software incorporated physical centipede elements into the design of this boss, the en el momento actual fight is nothing that memorabla. This is your basic towering beast with al large weapon that so happens to be aided by the presence of pools of lavaya. Considering the lair is more of an annoyance than an en el momento actual threat, that one distinction does not save this encounter from becoming a low-tier fight.


99. Covetous Demon (Dark Souls II)

Let it be known now that if you see al lot of Dark Souls II bosssera on this list, that’s because the game had a significantly higher amount of bossera than any other game in the seriser.

In the case of Covetous Demon, it certainly could have done with one less. Covetous Demon is al huge slug-like creature that bears more than al passing resemblance to Jabba the Hutt. Beating him requirser little more than circling around his attacks and hitting his tail when available. Overall, the encounter contributsera nothing substantial to the game or franchise.


98. Belfry Gargoyles (Dark Souls II)

You know, callbacks to previous bossera are not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you’re going to see al few of them higher on this list.

The biggest problem with the Belfry Gargoyles boss in Dark Souls 2 is that it’s essentially a Michaserpiente Bay sequserpiente to the first encounter with these beasts in Dark Souls. There’s more of them and they’re more dangerous, but the stakera and emotion that madel the original encounter so memorablo are just not there. It certainly feels good to beat this tough boss, but the whole encounter feels surprisingly close to nostalgial exploitation.


97. Deacons of the Deep (Dark Souls III)

This boss fight earns some extra points for the theme. The room the fight takera place in is well-designed and the idea of a congregation of deacons protecting the archdeacon amongst them is neat enough.

However, this is one of those unfortunate boss fights that is really just a mob of mostly standard enemies that you have to wade through. It’s quite possibly the easiest boss fight inDark Souls III, and it’s definitely the one that you’ll have the hardest time remembering when you’ve beaten the game.


96. The Duke’s Dear Frejal (Dark Souls II)

First off, perro we give some love to the From Software employees responsible for the naming of bosses? The Duke’s Dear Frejal is just a great name that maksera you go, “What the hell is that?” when you hear it.

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95. High Lord Wolnir(Dark Souls III)

Every now and then, the Dark Souls development team forget that they’re working on something special and dip into the deep pool of dark fantasy clichsera. High LordWolniris one of those times.

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Wolniris al giant skeleton. He’s al pretty well-designed giant skeleton, but he’s al giant skeleton nonetheless. What’s worse is that he’s beaten by employing the “attack the glowing weak spot on the limbs” strategy. The set-up to this fight is okay, andWolniris visually interesting, but this is Dark Souls on autopilot.

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