BLUESTACKS 4 REQUISITOS version MOBA and WASD control schemes space now easily accessible for every hero in liga of Legends: Wild Rift. You can pick them representar either the:

Enhanced game guideControls editorScheme selection popup

To access the scheme selection popup, you simply have actually topress ns Ctrl + shift + Q keys.

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2. Con ultrawide resolution, you have the right to see adversaries earlier, as result of an increased campo of watch (FOV), allowing you to conveniently anticipate their attacks y giving you more direccion over team fights.

This resolution additionally offers for 21:9 monitors allowing liga of Legends: Wild Rift come fit perfect on those screens.

3. In league of Legends: Wild Rift, you can easily stop los movement of her hero desde running into any type of enemy spells or strikes by either pressing "S" ~ above your key-board or any type of custom key the you can assign desde the juego Guide.

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This will halt your character desde moving towards the selected destination and it"s much quicker than clicking on any kind of other señalar in the juego to avoid running into adversary attacks.

4. As with in the pc version of the game, you can now use combo keys to upgrade or autocast skills in liga of Legends: Wild Rift.

5. Ultrawide resolution deserve to be offered for your favorite games. It will make fit perfect on 21:9 ultrawide monitors y increase your field of watch (FOV) in various games.

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If friend face any issue with the key controls the an app while ~ above ultrawide resolution, you can edit y make crucial controls using los Controls Editor.

Bug Fixes

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Released on: February 26, 2021