Black Ops 4 Zombies Mapas

The speak to of Duty black color Ops 4 Zombies mode attributes plenty the maps, characters, y more. Here"s every little thing we know



Set in roman times, IX features a new team that heroes – the Chaos crew – travelling espalda in time y emerging in uno coliseum wherein they space pitted against zombies. This map stands fuera as it’s set in broad daylight, but after you unlock much more of the map you’ll discover ns dark temple and a network of tunnels underground.

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You start in ns middle of ns map, i beg your pardon is the main gladiator ring. Delaware a few rounds girlfriend should be able to unlock two of the four entrances surrounding los arena, which will open up pathways both above y below ns map. IX is ns most open y straightforward black Ops 4 Zombies mapa at launch, giving ample space for dodging package of rotting enemies.

IX additionally features ns few minor bosses: Marauders, Gladiators, and the Blight Father. In ns neat twist, you’ll also have come fight off special rounds of tigers instead of wolves. There are also a number items friend can construct on this map, therefore look fuera for parts to un shield and various traps as you fight come survive.

Themain IX easter egg has now to be cracked for this reason check fuera this handyguide by zombie YouTuber MrRoflWaffles come find el fin how to activate y complete it for yourself. If you’re only simply starting fuera on this mapa then ns very an initial step girlfriend should emphasis on is unlocking theIX Pack-a-Punch machine, which we have a quick overview on.



The second nuevo Black Ops cuatro zombies mapa featuring the new Chaos crew is voyage of Despair. Fittingly, it’s collection aboard los RMS titánico directly after it collided with an iceberg, which method our band of misfits will need to find a way off ns boat. Girlfriend can mirar us take on los undead hordes in the Voyage that Despair gameplay vídeo above.

So far, we have only controlled to find ns Voyage the Despair Pack-a-Punch machine. This mapa is lot harder to navigate 보다 IX and features many of picar corridors making it all too easy to obtain trapped. To aid you fuera de a little, there space teleportation portals in uno few key areas about the mapa so if friend do obtain overwhelmed friend can constantly flee through one of these in exchange for a few hundred points.You’ll need to battlebosses like the Stoker y Blight Father as well, which is extremely difficult with so little space come move around in.

If you’re in search of information on los Voyage of Despair main historia easter egg then great news: it’s lastly been cracked. Reloj this helpful, in-depth video tutorial by zombies YouTuber MrDalekJD to find fuera de how to complete Voyage of Despair for yourself.


Blood of los Dead

Blood of los Dead is a remake of the very generalizado Mob of los Dead black color Ops dos map set on Alcatraz confederación Penitentiary. This map will feature the classic Primis crew who discover themselves trapped in purgatory. Ns layout y order that rooms you unlock has actually been changed significantly – friend can watch gameplay of the above.

Blood of los Dead features a number of los same mechanics and weapons as the original map, such as ns Blundergat and Hell’s Redeemer. Girlfriend will also have accessibility to uno bevy of unique weapons via the Zombies create-a-class food selection that you can rank up gastos generales the food of ns match, desde Takeo’s sword to Dempsey’s minigun.

The main historia easter egg of Blood of los Dead has been cracked, therefore if you want to check out the next part of ns Aether historia then check el fin this complete guide by zombies YouTuber MrDalekJD.


The 2nd remade black color Ops cuatro zombies map coming to black Ops cuatro is Classified, which will see the regresar of the Ultimas team y the Pentagon map from the very first Black Ops, five – we also know that it is ns prequel come Five y so will certainly feature un number gameplay differences desde the original.


Call of Duty: black color Ops cuatro zombies characters

Who room the new cast of contact of Duty: black Ops 4 zombies characters? Scarlett, Shaw, Diego, and Bruno will be the playable personalities in IX y Voyage of Despair. Scarlett y Diego appear to be the rogues, male y female respectively, while shaw is scientist of some ilk y Bruno is ns team’s bruiser. No one of these characteristics carry gastos generales to gameplay, for this reason don’t go selecting Bruno thinking you’ll get a health buff as un result.

You can also play both Classified and Blood of los Dead together Takeo, Dempsey, Richtofen, y Nikolai. Both sets of Zombies personalities can it is in unlocked together character skins in Blackout, while the Shadowman can also be unlocked in battle royale, noted you have the Black Ops Pass.

Call the Duty: black color Ops cuatro zombies custom Mutations

Treyarch desire to make black color Ops 4 Zombies more replayable than their previous zombie experiences, therefore they have included a nuevo way of playing zombie maps called Custom Mutations. These will allow players to adjust hundreds of variable covering everything representar overall an obstacle to zombie speed. You will then be able to save your custom Mutations and upload them for others to play. Treyarch will certainly be hosting their very own Custom Mutations as community events, so it seems choose there will certainly be cuales end of challenges and events to jugar through post-launch.

These are great fun to play with friends, but also allow you to examen of different weapons y abilities without worrying around wasting clues or throwing uno round. Our favourite practice Mutation involves locking every door in the map to see how largo your squad deserve to survive in los first room.

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Zombies rush mode

For those of girlfriend looking come add uno little vain to her squad’s siguiente Zombies run, look alguna further than the nuevo Rush mode. In this setting you’ll still fight come survive versus increasingly challenging waves the undead, yet all weapons are free, all doors unlocked, y your main aim is to accrue ns most points prior to you every succumb to los zombie hordes.

Rush functions a new type the pickup that boosts you score multiplier. This pickup spawns regular along un pathway, encouraging girlfriend to check out as much of the mapa as feasible if you desire to beat your teammates score. Don’t walk to gung-ho though: taking damages will decrease your multiplier.

Zombies classes

If girlfriend haven’t played uno Call of Duty Zombies setting in un while then black color Ops 4’s create-a-class mode might be uno little bewildering at first. You’ll uncover Elixirs, Perks, loadouts, special Weapons, y much more to tweak in this course setup screen, therefore to assist you acquire to grips con some of the nuevo toys we’ve them all debajo for girlfriend in los guide below.



Black Ops cuatro Zombies Elixirs work as with Gobblegums representar Black Ops 3: you deserve to take four different species of Elixir into un match y consume every one for momentary effects. Elixirs have a cooldown time between usage, for this reason you’ll need to use them sparingly. You have an limitless supply of green Elixirs, while ns more powerful and situational varieties can it is in brewed in los Laboratory menu.


These work much like Elixirs except that they approve their buffs (and are for this reason consumed) automatically at the empezar of a round. Talismans can likewise be do in ns Laboratory but are lot rarer 보다 Elixirs.


Zombies Perks

Wave goodbye to los classic zombies perks: you won’t discover Juggernog, velocidad Cola, or double Tap root Beer in black Ops cuatro Zombies. Another far-ranging change is that you pick what 4 perks you want in each map via los create-a-class menu. Open it up and you’ll uncover that there are four perk statues (Chaos story) or perk vending makers (Aether story) – this will constantly spawn in los same clues on every map, but prior to the juego you can choose what perk will be accessible at each statue or vending machine. There are fourteen exclusive right in black color ops cuatro zombies, for this reason you’ll need to choose los four you desire in each complement wisely.

Starting weapons and equipment

As girlfriend level up in black Ops cuatro zombies you’ll unlock new starting weapons y equipment, which will certainly let you start the game with much more than uno Welling revolver.

Black Ops 4 Special Weapons

Black Ops cuatro Zombies grants you even an ext power than previous iterations of los mode many thanks to the nuevo array of distinct Weapons. These space incredibly an effective weapons that you can use throughout ns match based on un cooldown and can be upgraded a couple of tiempo throughout the match, unlocking nuevo abilities. Over there are 4 Special tools in the Chaos story y four in the Aether story. Here’s un quick outline of what each one does:


Chaos one-of-a-kind weapons

Chakrams that VengeanceA pair of chakrams, one for melee y another because that throwing. The throwable chakram will certainly go with multiple rows the zombies prior to returning come you, making it highly reliable at dealing with big crowds or clearing room in front girlfriend you.Hammer that ValhallaSend zombie flying con each swing of this melee weapon. This hammer can also stagger bosses, do it an excellent for boss-only ring on IX.Scepter that RaThis scepter shoots a powerful beam together its ranged attack, but can likewise be thrust at zombie to come disperse adjacent crowds. The scepter’s beam also slows zombies together it melts them, do it possible to direccion huge number of enemies at once.Viper y DragonThe Dragon is a powerful pistol that can remove targets in ~ range, while ns Viper deals massive slash attacks to teams of undead


Aether unique Weapons

HellfireThis flamethrower is great for dealing a lot of damages to crowds, but it lacks ns stopping power to conserve your hide when you’re gift overwhelmed.OverkillLike ns Overkill pickup from the original Black Ops, Overkill provides you uno minigun the cuts v crowds with ease.Path the SorrowsThis katana will certainly slice through packs the undead increase close, do it particularly useful for gaining through narrow locations like the walkway on Blood of los Dead.

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Ragnarok DG-5Ground slam attacks that transacción stacks of electrical damage y send zombie sprawling – this is very ir a buscar to ns Hammer the Valhalla.