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Twenty One Pilots (stylized as twenty one pilots or twenty øne piløts) is an americano musical duo desde Columbus, Ohio. Ns band was created in 2009 by command vocalist Tyler joseph along con former members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, who left in 2011. Ns current line-up is Joseph y drummer mockery Dun. Castle put fuera de two self-released albums, Twenty One Pilots in dos mil nueve and regional at best in 2011, prior to being signed by fueled by Ramen in 2012. Their brand debut, Vessel, was released in 2013. Ns duo achieved breakthrough success with their fourth album, Blurryface (2015), i beg your pardon produced the successful singles "Stressed Out" y "Ride". In addition, the single "Heathens", tape-recorded for the soundtrack that the film Suicide Squad, make the group the very first alternative artist come have two concurrent optimal ten singles in the US. Ns duo"s fifth studio album, Trench, to be released top top October 5, 2018. They have actually won ns Grammy Award for Best pop Duo/Group Performance. Tyler josé first met future bandmate Nicholas "Nick" tabla de cortar at uno young period while play little league basketball in Columbus, Ohio. Thomas later transferred to Joseph"s center school, and the two would stay friends with high school. Joseph began playing music delaware finding an old keyboard in his closet, un Christmas gift representar his mother, and started mimicking radio melodies. In 2007, joseph recorded a acabó album titled cuales Phun intended in his parent"s basement. Tabla de cortar contributed guitar to several songs on the album, and collaborated on ns track "Trees", i beg your pardon would later on become ns signature Twenty One Pilots song. When attending Ohio state University, joseph met Texas-born future bandmate Christopher "Chris" Salih at un party. Noting ns songwriter"s talent y creative energy, Salih consulted joseph about starting un band. Impressed by ns recording estudio Salih had constructed in his house, joseph agreed to play musical together and began sharing his idea for nuevo music. Just before their first performance, joseph invited tabla de cortar to join the unnamed band as ns bassist. In 2009, the group moved into a casa of your own, whereby their an initial album to be conceptualized and recorded in ns basement. Los band at first played for ns wide selection of audiences at clubs y venues about the colón area. Play at metal, hardcore, and electronic venues influenced joseph to incorporate this disparate styles con his songwriting. To atrapalo the fist of unfamiliar or disinterested attendees and promoters, the band started to experiment con costumes y on-stage acrobatics. Currently going by "Twenty One Pilots", the coporación, grupo released your debut, self-titled album, Twenty One Pilots, ~ above December 29, 2009, and began touring los rest that Ohio. Your initial márketing was grassroots; Joseph"s mom would stand exterior of Ohio state University offering away tickets to his shows. Throughout this time, the band participated in "Battle of los Band" contests at los Alrosa Villa and The Basement, important colón music venues. In 2010, the band posted two tracks to your SoundCloud account, un cover of "Jar the Hearts" by Christina Perri and a remixed interpretation of "Con coche partirò (Time come Say Goodbye)" by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. Los latter track would certainly become los first song localidades drummer mockery Dun heard from the group. Joseph, Dun, y Salih participated in musical efforts of un Columbus, Ohio church dubbed Five14. They added to four of fourteen monitor of your album album Clear, with Travis Whittaker y the gospel band "New Albany Music." In 2011, josé appeared in ns 3-part video called "The (moderately motivating tale that the) Longboard Rodeo Tango"., and sang "O come, O come, Emmanuel" in an additional video, Christmas With the Stars. Salih left on may 8, dos mil once to emphasis on work, and Thomas left the siguiente month ~ above June 3, 2011 to focus on schooling, both posting farewell notes on the band"s official en facebook page. Before departing ns project, Salih invited Guitar center co-worker y friend the the coporación, grupo Josh Dun (former touring drummer for house of Heroes), to take it his place in los band. Impressed by the band"s potential and Joseph"s an imaginative vision, Dun exit plans to seek drumming in Nashville and joined the project only uno few weeks before tabla de cortar left los group. Both Salih y Thomas remained involved with ns band"s production for part time delaware their departure. Tabla de cortar briefly attended institution in north Carolina, but moved espalda into Joseph and Dun"s house in columbus a year later and began to control their merchandise. Tabla de cortar remained uno part of the merchandise distribution crew throughout los production the Blurryface y continues to stay proactively involved in los band"s tourism cycle. Thomas has due to the fact that relocated to Savannah, Georgia whereby he stays today. Salih co-founded los carpentry empresa "Elmwood custom Goods", whereby he works as one account manager y resides in Columbus. Con a new lineup consists of just Joseph y Dun, Twenty One Pilots self-released their 2nd album, regional at Best, ~ above July 8, 2011. The album to be accompanied by uno free CD release dando on los grounds of nuevo Albany High School. When Salih and Thomas were connected with the conceptualization of los album, no they nor Dun case to have had actually much involvement con its production, which to be handled virtually exclusively by Joseph. The album features Joseph"s brother Zack on the track "Kitchen Sink" and Joseph"s college acquaintance Jocef on the track "Be Concerned". In November 2011, after months the cultivating uno fan bases in the colón area via social media interaction and constant touring, ns band played ns sold fuera de concert in ~ Columbus" Newport musical Hall. This notablemente accomplishment for an unsigned local coporación, grupo caught los attention that several document labels interested in see if los band"s appeal might stretch outside of Ohio. That same year, the duo put fuera two free, otherwise unreleased songs vía their email newsletter: ns original version of "House that Gold" and "Two". On February 11, 2012, los band exit a musical video top top YouTube for an unreleased tune titled "Goner". "Goner" was rewritten and again taped for its release on Blurryface in 2015. Joseph and Dun embarked on the zona at best Tour with rock band CHALLENGER!, documenting it in a series of vídeos uploaded to the Twenty One Pilots YouTube channel. In April 2012, ns band announced their signing to Atlantic documents subsidiary fueled by Ramen, los label responsible for los commercial success of ancha alternative artists favor Panic! at los Disco and Paramore, during uno sold out admitir at the Lifestyle neighborhoods Pavilion. On July 17, 2012, they released their debut sustained by Ramen recording, one EP entitled numero 3 Songs. The siguiente month, the band embarked on un short tour with Neon Trees y Walk ns Moon. Tyler josé successfully negotiated to maintain ownership of the preceding self-titled album, i m sorry remains available digitally. However, as component of ns signing agreement in dos mil doce with record label fueled by Ramen, permiso to regional at best were moved to the label, an interpretation that regional at finest was discontinued and removed representar digital markets. Zona at best tracks "Slowtown", "Anathema", "Ruby", "Be Concerned", y "Clear" have due to the fact that been made commercially unavailable, and physical duplicates of ns album are currently rare y highly seek after. ~ above November 12, 2012, los official música video because that "Holding on come You", directed by Jordan Bahat, to be released top top YouTube. Top top January 7 and April 19, 2013, los band released music videos for "Guns because that Hands" and "Car Radio", respectively, both directed by mark Eshleman that Reel sufrir Media. In an interview with los Huffington Post, joseph described zona at ideal as un "glorified mixtape" y confirmed the songs from that job would reappear on their major-label debut estudio album. Ultimately, five tracks from Regional at ideal – "Guns for Hands", "Holding on come You", "Ode to Sleep", "Car Radio", y "Trees" – were re-recorded y released because that their 3rd album. "Lovely" was likewise re-recorded y released together a individual in Japan on April 17, 2013. "Glowing Eyes", "Kitchen Sink", and "Forest" showed up unchanged as bonus tracks on the UK variation of Vessel. Twenty One Pilots" third album, Vessel, was released January 8, 2013; it would reach No. Veintiuno on the Billboard 200, No. Nueve on los Digital Albums chart, No. Diecisiete on ns Internet Albums chart, No. Quince on the rock Albums Chart, and No. 10 on the Alternative Albums Chart. Ns band"s an initial charting single, "Holding on come You", got to No. Once on the Billboard alternative Songs chart. Additionally, ns singles "Guns because that Hands" y "Lovely" got to No. Veintiuno and No. 67, respectively, on los Japan warm 100. In may 2013, Twenty One Pilots to be announced to sign up with Fall el fin Boy as opening acts upon their save Rock y Roll Arena Tour, along with Panic! at los Disco, likewise serving as opened acts. On august 8, 2013, Twenty One Pilots carry out "House of Gold" on Conan in their late night debut. On October 2, the music video for los song was uploaded ~ above YouTube. On march 17, 2014, Twenty One Pilots performed a set at the mtvU Woodie Awards throughout SXSW. Top top April 13, Twenty One Pilots carry out "Car Radio" in ~ the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. Top top April 28, ns band perform "Car Radio" on so late Night with Seth Meyers. In 2014, Twenty One Pilots played ns number of música festivals y other events around ns United States, such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Boston Calling, and Firefly. Requests representar many that these urban were integrated into the band"s very first headlining tour, los Quiet Is Violent mundo Tour, which started in September dos mil catorce and ended in November of ns same year. Top top December 31, 2014, los band exit a musical video for los song "Ode come Sleep". Created of footage captured by ns band"s creative director, firmar C. Eshleman of Reel vestir Media, desde three concerts gastos generales the preceding tres years, the video depicted the band"s quick growth from their origins as ns small local band to un nationally-popular alternative act, one upward trend that would proceed into the next album cycle. On march 16, 2015, the band announced the a new album, Blurryface, was to be exit on might 19. They also released los first single, "Fairly Local", on march 17. Your second single of the album, "Tear in mine Heart", y its musical video to be released ~ above April 5, 2015. On April 28, "Stressed Out", ns third single from the album, was released along with a música video. "Stressed Out" became los group"s highest selling single, peaking at No. Dos on the U.S. Billboard warm 100, and No. Uno on both alternative Songs and Hot piedra Songs charts y surpassing one billion see on YouTube. Blurryface was released two days early on May 17, 2015, and sold 134,000 duplicates in los first week in los United States, becoming ns band"s an initial No. Uno album on the Billboard 200. On may 22, 2016, Blurryface winner in ns category the "Top roca Album" at los Billboard música Awards, while the band won los category of "Top piedra Artist". Los band began the Blurryface tour on may 11, 2015, in Glasgow, Scotland. The tour spanned los United States, Australia, sur East Asia, Japan and Europe. Ns U.S. Section started September 8, dos mil quince and featured Echosmith y Finish Ticket as openers. Twenty One Pilots performed "Stressed Out" on so late Night with Seth Meyers on September 14, 2015. Los band announced uno London show in February 2016, y later announced a correr of UK dates, with un second London day added. The band Transviolet offered as openers. This operación of UK dates ended los initial Blurryface Tour. Shortly after, ns band announced ns second tourism for los Blurryface album, the Emotional Roadshow mundo Tour, which began in Cincinnati on might 31, 2016. Ns tour covered ns United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, y Australia. Chef"Special and Mutemath opened up for the american leg. Irlanda singer Bry joined los tour because that its europe leg. ~ above June 16, 2016, ns band released los song "Heathens" as the first single representar the self-destruction Squad soundtrack, previously than ns expected release date of June 24, after the song leaked onto ns Internet top top June 15. A music video for los song was released on June 21, 2016. "Heathens" dram during the ending credits of the film. Twenty One Pilots ended up being only ns third rock act come have two singles at the same time chart in los top 5 of los Billboard hot 100, joining the Beatles y Elvis Presley, in addition to becoming ns third duo to accomplish this feat, delaware OutKast in 2003 and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ten años later. In September 2016, the band contributed a cover of los piano ballad "Cancer" by mine Chemical romance to ns tribute album piedra Sound Presents: los Black Parade. An animated lyric videos followed los release of ns song. Twenty One Pilots featured together the música guest on Saturday Night Live on October 8, 2016, performing orchestra-accompanied version of "Heathens" y "Ride" in what Rolling rock called your "most high profile performance yet". The band later performed ns medley that "Heathens" and "Stressed Out" top top the americano Music Awards of 2016, wherein they also accepted their an initial awards on americano television for favorite Pop/Rock Duo y Favorite Alternative roca Artist. Top top November 25, 2016, the band released uno limited-edition live vinyl album documenting two performances at fox Oakland Theatre, on ns duo"s 2015 Blurryface tourism under ns name Blurryface Live. Joseph y Dun collaborated with alternative roca band Mutemath, for a five-song EP, TOPxMM, written of remixes and reimaginings of four tracks representar Blurryface y Heathens. Los EP was uploaded onto los band"s official website free of charge on December 19; ns twenty-five-minute largo video of los bands recording the songs live in studio was likewise released on the band"s YouTube channel. ~ above February 12, 2017, Twenty One Pilots won ns Grammy Award for "Stressed Out" in ns Best pop Duo/Group power category. Los band stripped to their underwear prior to taking the stage, with joseph claiming in their accept speech that this was uno fulfillment of a promise the duo had made each other in their beforehand days as un local columbus band. On march 27, 2017, ns band started selling tickets for what they called uno "Tour ese Columbus", un five-date hometown tour occurring in June 2017. Los duo performed at several small venues they an initial played together a localidades band including ns Basement, Newport musical Hall, y Express Live!, before ending their tour cycle with arena shows at Nationwide Arena y Value ciudad Arena. In one interview con Alternative press in November 2016, Twenty One Pilots proclaimed that after their final show, they will be "going dark" to focus on new music. José stated that he would choose to focus on lyrical content of los music, y bring los music back to the "authenticity, lyrics, delivery, and fearlessness that songwriting" raza to the of los self-titled album. Los band"s last activity came in July 2017 in the form of articles on social mitad depicting one eye closing gastos generales lyrics representar several of their songs. In in march 2018, their track "Hometown" received uno Gold certification desde the RIAA, do Blurryface the first full-length album to have actually every track accomplish at the very least gold status. In April 2018, ns cryptic message was uncovered on the band"s tejido de punto store, i m sorry revealed a website. Fans began using ns clues and found other sections the this site, hinting at los possibility of the band"s return. There to be multiple images uploaded to ns website, including letters from a character called "Clancy". In July 2018, Twenty One Pilots broke their year-long silence, very first sending a cryptic email to fans y later posting a video to every social media platforms y updating your logo and branding. ~ above July 11, 2018, the band exit two new songs, "Jumpsuit" y "Nico and the Niners", a música video for "Jumpsuit", y the notice of your fifth estudio album, Trench, reserved to be released on October 5, 2018, y a new world tour, titled "The Bandito Tour", starting October 16. Later, ~ above July 26, 2018, the música video for "Nico y the Niners" to be released. The song "Levitate" was subsequently released as the album"s third single via Zane Lowe"s Beats uno show as ns day"s "World Record". A musical video was likewise released, concluding the trilogy series. On agosto 20, 2018, at los MTV VMAs, ns ten second long snippet of los song "My Blood" to be played in ~ the fin of uno commercial promoting the album. On honorable 27, 2018, un Twitter user leaked the full song onto his Twitter account in pequeño quality, delaware they discovered that it could be played on your Apple HomePod. The leak to be later evidenced to be real when the band made los song obtainable on streaming services, as los album"s fourth official single. Tyler josé made his first media appearance in over a year because that an interview with Zane Lowe that Beats 1 from his own casa studio in Columbus, Ohio, in i beg your pardon he spoke about ns band"s year long hiatus, developing the nuevo album, y battling against emplea demons y insecurities. ~ above September 12, 2018, Twenty One Pilots play their an initial live dando in over a year, titled uno Complete Diversion, at Brixton"s O2 Academy in London. They performed los four exit songs from Trench, and some songs from their ahead albums, to promote the album y the upcoming "The Bandito Tour". Twenty One Pilots released their 5th album, Trench, ~ above October 5, 2018. On ns same day, they exit the musical video for their soltero "My Blood" on their YouTube channel. Twenty One Pilots perform their solamente "Jumpsuit" in ~ the dos mil dieciocho American musical Awards on October 9, at los Microsoft Theatre in los Angeles. On October 16, los band carried out the international Bandito Tour, beginning in the United States y continuing con legs in Oceania y Europe. The band"s música style has actually been defined as alternative lo sé bien hop, electropop, indie pop, música pop rock, rock, pop, electronica, digital rock, emo rap, indie rock, pop-rap, hip hop, indietronica, psychedelic, reggae, rap rock, y alternative rock. Ultimately, it is difficult to categorize ns band using a soltero genre only, since they leg so many of them. This has actually been attributed partly to the fact the both Joseph y Dun space self-taught musicians, an interpretation that while developing their job-related they broke many musical conventions that they were not mindful of, including staying confined to a individual genre that music. Instrumentally, Twenty One Pilots bring a mix the piano (sometimes an electronic keyboard or un keytar), synthesizers, drums (sometimes mixed with electronic drums), vocals, organs, bass, and occasionally the ukulele, guitar and trumpet. Lyrically, your songs space written by Joseph, that incorporates both sung y rapped lyrics. Musical journalist carl Wilson has noted that Joseph"s rapping is often contrasted to that of Macklemore, however he wrote "but among los ranks the post-Eminem white rappers, identificación find joseph more probing, sardonic, and expressive." josé has declared that he had never intended to become uno rapper, but that as soon as attempting to fit city which he had actually written with music, he found that rapping facets of that was the only way for it to fit within ns song. José came up with the band"s name while researching All My hijos by Arthur Miller, a jugar about a man whose an option to send fuera faulty aircraft parts for los good that his business y family caused the death the twenty-one pilots during mundo War II. José explains that los story"s themes of convencional dilemma and choosing between los easy y the appropriate decision inspired the name y formation of the band. "Bicycle Thief" y "Chill Coat" were among some of los rejected tape names. Ns band"s surname was originally stylized together "twenty | one | pilots" on their previously cover art; however, by ns time the their 2nd album regional at Best, los formatting was changed to "twenty øne piløts" with slashes through los Os. Previous Twenty One Pilots member kris Salih stated in one interview that marcos C. Eshleman, a longtime friend of y creative directivo for Twenty One Pilots, created the band"s logo by "messing around con shapes". José found the arrangement to resonate con him. In to the to your logo, josé stated in one interview that: It method Twenty One Pilots, the logotipo does. Why it method Twenty One Pilots, is it yes, really goes along with one of ours songs dubbed "Kitchen Sink". Los whole ide of that song is that i feel that human beings are always struggling all los time as soon as it concerns purpose, make the efforts to ilustración out what their purpose is, what purpose also is, what"s the point, justifying your very own existence. Ns lot the kids and people my period struggle with "what"s los point", and with ns logo, what the really method is it"s one encouragement. As soon as someone asks me what the logo means to me, the logotipo means something to me because identificación made it median something come me. That"s the point. The punto is that i created something the only i understand y whether or no I decisión to disclose the meaning that it, that"s los beginning of objective for me. Ns meaning of purpose for me, is by creating something, if it be by writing lyrics, jadear a picture, by expressing yourself through art if it"s photography or music or theater, or every little thing it is. That doesn"t need to be artistic, however if you create something y only girlfriend know los meaning the it, that"s the beginning of purpose for you. Once you"re in the room by yourself trying to decisión whether to remain alive, you have the right to tell you yourself "I should probably stay alive because I"m the only one who knows los meaning of the thing", therefore the logotipo is an encouragement for world to create. That"s what it means. Follow to ns band, their function for making música is "to make civilization think", and also encourage lock to find joy in what lock come to believe in life. Ns band"s fandom has actually been called as the "Skeleton Clique" or just los Clique, in referral to los band"s usar of skeleton iconography in many performances, graphics, y music videos. Los Skeleton Clique are represented in los band"s official iconography by logotipos of a skull and alien head atop lines resembling keys. Salih speculates that Tyler josé himself initially used los term "Clique" to identify with his fans. In November 2016, during ns Blurryface mundo Tour, Wood green tube terminal in London to be decorated in Clique-related artwork, spanning over one-hundred proclaiming panels. The 2017 Tour de Columbus, Twenty One Pilots hosted uno public art show, called "Artøpia", solely for Clique-related artwork at the Nationwide Arena. Band members: •Tyler josé – command vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, ukulele, bass (2009–present) •Josh Dun – drums, percussion (2011–present) Discography: •Twenty One Pilots (2009) •Regional at best (2011) •Vessel (2013) •Blurryface (2015) •Trench (2018)