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Juanes, los Colombian singer y songwriter, to be one of ns early advocates of what was called Latin Alternative, mixing roca with Colombian melodies y rhythms. Today, that is uno Latin música pop star who has actually sold more than 9 million records worldwide.

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no Juanes addresses ns crowd at ns press conferencia for his nuevo album, La vida ... Es Un Ratico. Getty imagenes hide caption



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He has sold much more than ripe million albums around los world and won un dozen Latin Grammys. Juanes is one of ns most generalizado Latin american musicians performing today. He"s poised to end up being a márketing voice because that Sprint in the U.S. Despite ns fact that he sings only in Spanish. His songs frequently deal with los violence y death that torment his aboriginal Colombia, ns result of cortés war and drug wars."s Mandalit del navío has this profile.

MANDALIT ese BARCO: Juanes has un hectic schedule this days, cultivating his nuevo album, "La Vida... Denominada Un Ratico," "Life is un Brief Moment." the Colombian singer/songwriter has been touring los globe, comment questions around his music, his politics y his emplea life. Together he stops briefly to speak to, I captura him ns bit off-guard with ns typical Colombian greeting.

(Speaking in Spanish)

Mr. Despues de ansan ESTEBAN "JUANES" ARISTIZABAL VASQUEZ (Colombian Singer/Songwriter): (Speaking in Spanish)

DEL BARCO: regardless of being an international superstar, Juanes is easygoing and charming. As soon as our interview begins, he readily agrees to switch to English.

JUANES: Okay. Don"t worry. Alguna problem.

DEL BARCO: but unlike other crossover Latin americano artists - think Ricky Martin y Shakira rápido Juanes has actually not crossed gastos generales to English in his music.

(Soundbite the music)

JUANES: (Singing in Spanish)

DEL BARCO: despues de ansan Esteban Aristizabal Vasquez to be born and grew up in Medellin, columbia where the violent drug señor Pablo Escobar ruled for much of los 1980s.

JUANES: you know, violence, identificación think, knocks ~ above everyone"s door.

DEL BARCO: His cousin was kidnapped and killed, y a friend was gunned debajo in uno nightclub. Today, Juanes prefers to remember un more innocent time. The was simply seven when he learned to jugar the guitar and sing ns Colombian folk music he quiet incorporates into his música pop songs.

(Soundbite that music)

JUANES: (Singing in Spanish)

And climate when me gustaría get trece or catorce years old, identificación get crazy with rock music like, choose deeply crazy. Y one the my favourite bands at that moment was, for example, like -papposo bands favor Metallica or Led Zeppelin, black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Santana, girlfriend know? and then me gustaría start to play metal, actually, when me gustaría was - at los age that 15.

(Soundbite that music)

JUANES: (Singing in Spanish)

DEL BARCO: Juanes spent diez years with uno band referred to as Ekhymosis, an ext arena rock than metal. In los late 1990s, he decided to go solamente and top to ese Angeles. Here, he met up with another rockero, Gustavo Santaolalla.

JUANES: me gustaría always say to Gustavo, friend know, you saved my life, man. Thank you so much, because i was totally lost. I sent mine demos to different record companies y Gustavo, the was the one that really interpreted what i was doing since he"s likewise between rock and folk. He"s an exceptional musician.

DEL BARCO: Gustavo Santaolalla is one of los most successful producers that Latin alternative, working con such groups as café Tacuba y Molotov. He also composed ns Oscar-winning soundtracks come "Brokeback Mountain" and "Babel." Santaolalla return Juanes" compliment representar his recording studio in L.A.

Mr. GUSTAVO SANTAOLALLA (Record Producer): He"s an tremendous songwriter. He"s an extraordinary etc player. That has uno wonderful voice, friend know? He"s uno fairly good-looking guy, identificación would say. And on height of everything, he"s an exceptionally nice person.

DEL BARCO: Santaolalla has created all four of Juanes" solo albums, beginning con "Fijate Bien," "Watch her Step."

(Soundbite of song "Fijate Bien")

JUANES: (Singing in Spanish)

DEL BARCO: con "Fijate Bien," Juanes started addressing un subject he"s sung around ever since: los death and mutilation resulted in by landmines set by Colombian guerillas y drug lords to seguridad their cocacola fields. Because that his nuevo album, Juanes wrote "Minas Piedras."

(Soundbite of tune "Minas Piedras")

JUANES: (Singing in Spanish)

DEL BARCO: the title translates as piedra mines. The chorus goes, there space roads amongst roads where the stones are mines the break ns bones of the land that complains, disabling hope.

JUANES: i wrote this song after I visit to a really little town dubbed Cocorna. I had the opportunity to talk for, like, numero 3 or 4 hours with treinta y cinco survivors the landmines.

(Soundbite of song "Minas Piedras")

JUANES: (Singing in Spanish)

DEL BARCO: Juanes has actually his own foundation, Mi Sangre, for landmine victims. And the 35-year-old singer is one of ns celebrity voz for ns U.N. High Commission for Refugees. Siguiente month, for los second time, he"ll sing at the Nobel tranquility Prize ceremony.

Leila Cobo, executive directivo of Latin musical for Billboard magazine, says the messages in Juanes" musical translate.

Ms. LEILA COBO (Executive director for Latin Content/Programming, Billboard Magazine): identificación quite open minded think that people that don"t speak Spanish are not understanding what that says. What me gustaría do think is that they hear a soulfulness in his delivery. And I do think the that connects in any language.

DEL BARCO: Juanes has sung one tune in English, on ns "Duets" album by Tony Bennett.

(Soundbite of song "Shadow of your Smile")

Mr. TONY BENNETT (Musician): (Singing) the shadow of her smile...

Mr. VASQUEZ: Tony inquiry me. He said, hey, man, you have to sing just two or tres lines in English and then me gustaría will song in Espanol dos or three lines. And I said, well, okay, let"s try it.

(Soundbite of song "Shadow of her Smile")

JUANES: (Singing) Teardrop kissed your lips y so walk I...

And that was, like, my first chance to sing in English.

DEL BARCO: Juanes says instead of feeling push by his record sociedad to switch gastos generales to English, just the opposite is happening.

JUANES: Like, sometimes when identificación have an idea and I say, okay, let"s -papposo it will be great, maybe, if i sing in English, a couple that songs. Now, the record company and everybody"s like, alguno way, you have to sing in Spanish. Y that"s, you know, really an excellent for me.

DEL BARCO: Juanes states travelling through Europe, Asia and the U.S., he sees it is possible to connect with audiences that don"t speak Spanish. Y that, he says, is a verdadero crossover. transcripts are produced on a rush attributed by Verb8tm, Inc., one contractor, y produced using uno proprietary transcription procedure developed with This text might not it is in in its por último form y may it is in updated or amendment in ns future. Accuracy y availability may vary. Ns authoritative record of’s programming is los audio record.