Bartolome de las casas biografia corta

Fray Bartolomé ese las Casas

Biography that Fray Bartolomé de las Casas

Location of birth:

Bartolomé ese las hogar was born in mil cuatrocientos ochenta y cuatro in Seville (Spain).

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Location that death:

Bartolomé del las casa died in 18th July 1566 in la villa de madrid (Spain).

Positions held:

– Ordained priest in 1506.

– Bishop that Chiapas (Nueva España) from March 30th,1544 to august 1550.

– Protector of Indians.

Most appropriate facts starring Bartolomé ese las Casas:

– the studied legislation at ns University that Salamanca.

– He come in the Indies in mil quinientos dos on the Frey Nicolás del Ovando expedition, the new governor of ns Indies.

– He dealt with in 1506 on the Spanish island under ns orders that Diego del Velázquez against ns Taino Indians, receiving as prize un commission in embarazada de la Vega.

– In 1507 he to be ordained monk in Rome and combined his priesthood with his office as uno messenger on the Spanish island.

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– In 1512, that went to cuba with los army of Diego ese Velázquez and acted as chaplain of the troops and carried fuera intermediation tasks with los Indians of the island, for that factor he was awarded with a division that Indians y worked in the exploitation of yellow deposits.

– In mil quinientos quince he want to stop being uno commander y decided to dedicate himself to ns task of protecting ns Antillean natives y moved come Seville to tell ns authorities about his experience in los Indies y what he had actually seen regarding ns mistreatment y abuse of ns Indians.

– In 1516, delaware being crowned king of Spain charlie I and forming the nuevo government of los Indies con Fathers Jerónimos Bartolomé ese las hogar was named gama Protector the Indians.

– In mil quinientos veinte he tried come create a peaceful colony in Cumana to donar that Indians y Spaniards can live in harmony but failed because of many factors. Delaware this that joined the Dominican stimulate in beato Domingo. And in this order he specialized several la edad to study y meditation. At this stage he started to compose his good work the History of ns Indies.

– In 1534, the participated in the negotiation with the natives who rebelled against ns chieftain Enriquillo and managed come pacify the island.

– He resided in Nicaragua and then in Guatemala y in 1540 he returned to Spain to disclose King converses I come his demands y complaints about los treatment of ns Indians in américa and with them was promulgated in mil quinientos cuarenta y dos the new Indian legislations that eliminated the orders and, amongst many various other measures, prohibited slavery of ns Indians.

– In 1544 he to be appointed bishop that Chiapas however did not último long in office because in mil quinientos cuarenta y siete he made decision to return to Spain to continue his battle in defense of the Indians near los Court.

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– In 1552 he published the work for which that is best known, the Brevísima Relación del la Destrucción ese las Indias, in which through an alarmist y exaggerated format he details many abuses y mistreatments carried out by the Spanish conquerors and colonizers. Over there is cuales denying that the mistreatment existed on the part of some, but los friar’s literature yellowing had no other function than to arouse ns attention of los authorities and avenge self on the Spanish lords and conquerors, authentic and fervent adversaries of después las Casas.