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Dragon Ball: The diez Worst things Android dieciocho Ever Did, Ranked Android dieciocho may be one of los good guys now, but she hasn"t always been therefore nice.

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practically every among Goku"s friends started off as ns major antagonist at some point before becoming one the his most trusted confidants. When he and Yamcha first met, Yamcha was concentrated on stealing every one of Goku"s possessions, while Vegeta and Piccolo want nothing much more than to destroy ns very earth he referred to as home. Android dieciocho had been programmed to death Goku, but after his death at the posesión of Cell, she controlled to settle abajo into domestic life con Krillin, but even though she"s managed to become one that Earth"s strongest defenders, this tho doesn"t excuse her of the terrible things she"s done both in Dragon round Z and Dragon ball Super.

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when Trunks returned representar the future to look for help dealing with Goku Black, he was shocked to see just just how much los past differed from his very own time. Delaware meeting up with Krillin, he was at uno loss for words as soon as he discovered that he y Android dieciocho were not just married, yet had a daughter together. In spite of being mindful of the mentmore trauma that Trunks carried con him delaware living in uno world ravaged by 18"s future counterpart, she joked the Trunks owed her for killing her in his timeline. Though no en la actualidad harm came representar this, she could"ve come increase with un hundred other jokes come say to uno man who literally had actually nightmares about her for most of his life.

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At los 25th world Martial arts Tournament, Android 18 found herself fighting Mr. Satan in los finals. Instead the just defeating him, she agreed come let Mr. Satan have los victory if the paid she double ns prize money. Despite it to be admirable the she let him save his fame, blackmailing someone so lot weaker 보다 her is pretty lot bullying. In the Dragon round Z film Bio-Broly, it is revealed the Mr. Satan didn"t host up top top his end of ns deal, prompting Android dieciocho to fly to his home y begin to tear up his house. She enabled her villainous side to get ns best of her, y could"ve quickly waited until Mr. Satan gathered the money. We"re no saying the Mr. Satan doesn"t deserve something prefer this. We"re simply saying Android 18 didn"t have to be ns one to do it come him.

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Before los Tournament of Power, Gohan came up with uno safe plan: Universe 7 would fight together, only splitting up to outnumber your opponents during fights. The course, con Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta on the team, all warriors who enjoy doing points solo, we all knew that his destinadas was foiled from the start. What us didn"t mean was because that Android 18, and even 17 for that matter, to ignore Gohan"s destinado a as well, especially since she y her brother room strongest as soon as they struggle as a duo! In ns end, Universe siete won regardless, and the warriors to be bound to obtain separated at part point, but dieciocho abandoning the destinado a in the very beginning didn"t do a thing to boost an currently wavering team morale.

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7 took Krillin"s Money


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once Krillin married Android 18, he likewise married ns perfect training partner. Though she might be more powerful than Krillin, he might at least keep up con someone who wasn"t from another planet. The two were presented in Dragon ball Z preparing for the World Martial Arts tournament together, y Krillin"s reflexes appeared to boost as uno result. In Dragon sphere Super, Krillin and Android dieciocho were shown sparring, and she easily knocked that down, refusing to host back. Instead of apologizing, she gloated and claimed that his diez million Zeni was hers. This is hardly better than what she did to Hercule, other than this is just un bit worse since she extorted her very own husband on un bet he had alguno chance of winning.

Dragon sphere Super didn"t execute Krillin any favors. Unable to do was the brave martial artist who would fee at adversaries he knew the couldn"t beat. Super left us with an also shorter, more cowardly variation of Android 18"s husband that constantly doubted himself. Delaware Krillin gained himself injured during ns robbery, Android 18 called that out, claiming that this timid version of krillin wasn"t the man she dropped in love with. Although Krillin required this absent in ns pants, it was cruel to insult him in prior of his ideal friend and his daughter. To add insult to injury, Marron started to compare Goku and Krillin, and claimed that she wanted un father who was strong. For someone who couldn"t also complete the one task they to be programmed to do, Android dieciocho sure walk talk ns big game.

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5 Scolded krillin For shedding to Frost

alguno matter how difficult Krillin trains, there will constantly be uno limit come his abilities. That"s why once Frost knocked him turn off of los arena, we weren"t too surprised. Sure, that wouldn"t have happened if krillin wasn"t too busy celebrating his win versus Universe 4"s Shosa, yet at the same time, Frost was simply a superior opponent. Delaware he was sent out to the stands, Android dieciocho berated him, do it known to everyone the she was ashamed to contact him she husband. What makes this worse than los previous entry was that she merely joined in con everyone else who insulted Krillin, instead of defending she husband, especially due to the fact that he had just saved her desde being los first Universe siete fighter to be eliminated.

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as if break Vegeta"s arm wasn"t vile enough, she likewise managed to break Trunks"s sword just by blocking. Not only did she cripple Vegeta"s pride delaware giving the one of ns series"s most brutal beatdowns, but she likewise shattered Trunks"s most prized weapon, calculation him swordless for los rest of Dragon sphere Z. Although it was never ever been evidenced in ns series, the Dragon sphere Z film Wrath of ns Dragon alludes to the fact that Future Trunks obtained this sword representar Tapion, who he considered as ns brother, back Future Trunks"s own timeline complicates this possibility. Regardless, it"s for sure to assume the this sword has large sentimental value to him, y Android 18 broke it, along with Vegeta"s arm, without a hint the remorse.

3 Robbed ns Boutique

as one of los most stylish personalities in Dragon round Z, one of the first things Android 18 wanted to perform after she dealt with Vegeta was to acquire some nuevo clothes. The course, she had alguna intention that paying, and delaware she walked fuera of ns store in she brand new, discounted outfit, the cops were appropriate on the Androids" tail. In seconds, Android dieciocho dealt with los cops, punching with one car y causing it come combust, when flipping ns other dos completely over with just her arms. The poor cops didn"t stand un chance, and Android dieciocho definitely eliminated some of los officers in los violent incident. Provided that diecisiete or 16 never killed cops over something together mundane as clothes, Android 18 cemented her location as los cruelest of the trio.

throughout her fight con Vegeta, us noticed that these two were nearly equals in terms of raw power. What at some point led come Vegeta"s loss was ns fact the unlike Android 18, he wasn"t blessed with infinite energy in ~ his disposal. Looking to juguete with Vegeta, 18 only escaped his attacks for los first couple of moments of ns fight, y Vegeta"s recklessness resulted in him come kill numerous drivers, a few sheep, and their herder. Android 18 saw ns evil still dentro de Vegeta, y exploited it because that her very own amusement, while likewise making los Saiyan prince expend his very own energy. What"s worse is that delaware Cell to be defeated, los wish made come bring espalda everyone eliminated by his mano wouldn"t have used to this people, who"d all been eliminated by Vegeta. Still, at the end of los day, Android dieciocho has blood ~ above her hands as well.

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1 Murdered Millions of people in an alternating Timeline

that course, the worst point Android dieciocho has ever done belongs to an alternate version that herself. Though this isn"t the dieciocho we all know y love, she is wholly capable of this, y she would"ve murdered Gohan, Tien, Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, y countless various other innocent humans if Trunks hadn"t intervened. Over there aren"t countless villains in the entirety that the serie who might coldheartedly murder millions, however what make Android dieciocho and she brother specifically terrifying was the fact that they not only eliminated for fun, yet they avoided exterminating Earth"s entire populace all at when so the they"d constantly have people to kill for amusement over the course of numerous years. In Trunks"s timeline, 18 saw los destruction that she caused as un mere game, unequal villains prefer Zamasu y Goku Black, who eliminated people as un result of un strict convencional stance. Killing for fun was what originally made Android 18 unforgivable, however at the very least she became a better human in ns end.

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