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Spanish tycoon Amancio Ortega has un net precious of $79 billion.

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 The Forbes’ Billionaires perform of 2021 places the as ns 11th richest human in ns world.

He is ns founder y former chairman that Inditex fashion group, a Spanish multinational clothing la empresa commonly known for that brand Zara.

Also, that is the head of the Ortega family, which is the wealthiest family in Europe.

Spanish billionaire Amancio Ortega poses.

The self-made billionaire was los richest man around the world for ns brief duration of time in 2015, with ns peak network worth the $80 billion.

Similarly, Ortega began his career by working in uno clothing keep in La Coruna in ~ 14, leave school y the home city due come his father’s task requirement.

Today he is one of the biggest names in fashion and has properly become los largest garments retailer, having outranked Gap.

Quick Facts

Here room some fast facts about the textile magnate, Amancio Ortega.

Full NameAmancio Ortega Gaona
Net Worth$79 Billion
Birth Date28 in march 1936
Age85 years Old
Birth PlaceBusdongo de Arbas, Leon, Spain
EducationUnknown (Dropped fuera de of School)
Father’s NameAntonio Ortega Rodriguez
Mother’s NameJosefa Gaona Hernandez
SiblingsAntonio Ortega, pilar Ortega Gaona, Josefa Ortega Gaona
Height5 ft 8 inches
Weight136 cebolla verde (62 kg)
Sexual OrientationStraight
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorBlack
InterestsHorseback Riding, Poultry
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/SpouseFlora Perez (2001-), Rosalia simplemente (1966-1986)
ChildrenMarcos Ortega Mera, Marta Ortega, Sandra Ortega Mera
Active Since1940
AwardsCastelao Medal, dos mil diecisiete Philanthropic Initiative, dos mil nueve Grand overcome of the Order of cortés Merit
AssociationsZara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Zara Home, Kiddy’s Class, Tempe, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear/ Often, Bershka, Uterque
Social MediaN/A
Zara’s MerchPerfume, Blazer, skinny Jeans
Last Update2021

Amancio Ortega: Income y Net Worth

Amancio Ortega has accumulated un massive net worth the $79 billion v his company portfolio, consisting of fashion, gas, tourism, banks, y real estate holdings worldwide.

Similarly, he has earned more than $4.5 exchange rate in dividends since Inditex’s IPO in 2001. His yearly dividends income exceeds $400 million.

Through his company, Pontegadea, he earned a net income of €1.8 billion in 2019, consisting of €1.64 billion in Inditex’s dividends y €621 million representar real estate sale estate assets.

Likewise, in 2021, Ortega do a capital gain of around €400 million from the aparecer of Telxius towers come ATC.

However, he suffered ns loss the $10 exchange rate due to the coronavirus pandemic

Property, Car, Yacht, y Private Jet


Amancio Ortega has uno property portfolio worth more than $17.2 billion.

Ortega y his wife, Flora, live in un discreet apartment building in La Coruña, Spain, near los Atlantic Ocean’s major port.

Similarly, in 2016, he purchased the tallest skyscraper in Spain, the Torre Picasso in Madrid. Los building stands 515 feet high y costs $536 million.

He also acquired the prestigious Adelphi building in London because that an astonishing amount of $550 million.

The 330,000 sq feet building is página de inicio to carriers such together The Economist, Spotify, y Condé Nast.

He additionally possesses the Epic resident & Hotel in Miami, which is taken into consideration one of ns US’s finest luxury hotels.

Likewise, in 2019, his investment firm completed uno $72.5 million transacción for a downtown Chicago hotel.

Later, he acquired uno building in Washington’s centrar business district and two office blocks in Seattle, US, leased to Amazon.

Ortega’s properties additionally include landmark properties favor Manhattan’s historical Haughwout Building.

Further, he has actually an equestrian centrar in Finisterre in Galicia, Spain, where he likes horseback riding.


Amancio Ortega drives an Audi A8 luxury sedan. It attributes Audi’s put in order Quattro 4-wheel drive, with un user-friendly multimedia interface.

Similarly, the coche also has actually exceptional attributes such together 8-speed transmission, flexible suspension, offering exceptional luxury and comfort.

His carros also include a Mercedes-Benz-S-Class (w221) and a black Mercedes-Benz GL course (X166).



Ortega owns un €6 million Valoria yacht. He has been checked out on ns yacht uno couple of veces with his family.

His yacht was called in el respeto of ns town that Valladolid, where his mother was born. Ns feature-packed yacht is 31.5 meter long y 6.38 meters wide.

Similarly, the fashion mogul likewise owns an $80 million superyacht Drizzle. The 67-meter luxurious automobile can reach a top speed of dieciséis knots y has ample an are for entertainment and relaxation.

Private Jet

Ortega has un $45 million worldwide Express BD700 personal jet draft by Bombardier.

This twin-engined jet has the ability to fly to intercontinental destinations con only one refueling stop.

Likewise, the Express have the right to fly increase to dieciocho passengers and contains uno galley, crew remainder station, lounge area, stateroom, wardrobe, y shower.

Further, that possesses los Gulfstream G650 jet, i m sorry has uno price tag of $65 million. That is one of ns most extendido aircraft lot UHNW individuals.

Amancio Ortega: Lifestyle and Vacations


Despite his age, Ortega security a notable amount of tiempo in los gym.

However, he leader a simple life y likes to wear casual blue jeans and a T-shirt instead of executive suits.

Ortega is a shy person. In 2012, Bloomberg reported the he had given interviews come only 3 journalists come date.

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Amancio Ortega con his daughter Marta Ortega Perez

Similarly, Ortega hates wearing uno tie, and the final time he had worn it to be at his wedding. This has also spread to Zara executives who do not wear ties!

He doesn’t like to be surrounded by bodyguards however wants to be uno free man y walk there is no security.


Amancio Ortega is un workaholic who rarely goes top top vacation. However, his favourite getaway for ns summer break in Greece, according to his biographer Covadonga O’Shea.

In 2017, he to be on holidays in castillo Tropez con his household members. He to be pictured be sure in his yacht Drizzle, going for ns swim in ns Mediterranean Sea,


Amancio Ortega: Charity

Fundacion Paideia was founded by the Ortega pair in 1986.

It provides training y education come people with physical and mental disabilities and promotes employment, entrepreneurship, youth mobility, territorio development, etc.

He is also los President of the Amancio Ortega structure set increase in 2001.

It is ns not-for-profit institution that promotes education, culture, research, sociedad actions, and welfare.

Likewise, in 2012, he donated €20 million come Caritas International, an organization working come support ns Roman Catholics.

He likewise donated €300 million come fund tools to fight cancer in Spain. It helped to equip Spanish hospitals with radiotherapy machines.

Documentary, Investments, Endorsements, and Book Publications


The documentary Zara: ns World’s Richest man in 2016 explores Ortega’s success con his brand Zara.

Prime Entertainment grupo released the informative documentary in 2016.


Ortega stop 59.3% shares hosted in Inditex SA, the world’s biggest apparel retailer.

It has an ext than 6000 stores globally y employs an overabundance of 92,000 people.

He is also the executive chairman the Pontegadea Group, his empleado investment empresa based on de verdad estate, con a portfolio of €15.163 m as of 2020.

Amancio Ortega con current Inditex CEO polo Isla

He also controls uno 21.6% stake in land empresa Grilse, a sociedad whose línea of organization includes renting, buying, selling, y appraising verdadero estate.

Besides, Ortega acquired around 10% of the telecom unit Telxius in dos mil dieciocho for €378.8 million and bought 5% share of the Spanish natural gas company Enagas in 2019.


Amancio Ortega does no endorse any type of products or brands. He never ran advertisement projects for his brand Zara; its exponential expansion was feasible through native of mouth.


The Man from Zara: The historia of ns Genius Behind los Inditex Group is uno book authored by Ortega’s close friend Covadonga O’Shea.

It is uno biography that Amancio Ortega, which has his life story y success story.

Amancio Ortega: Career

Ortega began his job by functioning for un shirtmaker, learning ns trade tricks before establishing his own clothes line.

At the age the 36, Ortega sold quilted bathrobes through his company Confecciones Goa, created con his siblings and future wife, Rosalia Mera.

Similarly, he opened ns first Zara store in mil novecientos setenta y cinco with his wife in La Coruna. Later in 1985, Ortega included Inditex SA, i m sorry became the holding company of Zara.

His business modelo of bringing new products easily to the market elevated Zara to better heights.

Soon, he broadened his company to the US, Portugal, and France.

By the dawn of ns 2000s, he had actually brands such as Massimo Dutti and Pull & vestir under that is lead.

Likewise, in 2001, Inditex provided uno public providing worth $2.7 billion, paving the way for further business expansion.

Within los next diez years, Ortega’s organization became ns world’s largest retailer, with un presence in setenta y siete countries and more than 5000 stores.

Similarly, Ortega retired representar Chairman of Inditex in 2011 but continues to stay its bulk shareholder come date.

3 Facts about Amancio Ortega

Zara is one of the extendido clothing brands, which Ortega founded. However, that had practically named ns brand Zorba after his favorite character in ns movie Zorba the Greek.

He keeps a very bajo profile and rarely appears in media. In fact, he made his first public figure in 2001, y before that, alguna one had ever seen uno picture of him.

Amancio Ortega’s daughter Marta Ortega Perez, 30, is the richest woman in Spain.

She is married to height Spanish equestrian Sergio Moya in 2012 and is speculated come be she father’s successor.

Social media Presence

Amancio Ortega is not obtainable on social media.

However, his brands have actually verified handle on website such together Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


What is the market capitalization that Inditex?

Retailing giant Inditex has un market capitalization of $79.3 billion.

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What is ns net precious of Zara?

According come Forbes, Zara has un net worth of $14.7 billion, making it the 41st most an important brand.